International Food Research Journal Volume 19 Issue 4, 2012

Mini Review
  1. Sesame proteins (p1287-1295)
    • Ekasit Onsaard
  2. Spray drying technique of fruit juice powder: some factors influencing the properties of product (p1297-1306)
    • Phisut, N.
  3. Bioactivity studies and chemical constituents of Murraya paniculata (Linn) Jack (p1306-1312)
    • Ng, M. K., Abdulhadi-Noaman, Y., Cheah, Y.K., Yeap, S. K. and Alitheen, N.B.
  4. Technology for production of surimi powder and potential of applications (p1313-1323)
    • Santana, P., Huda, N. and Yang, T. A.
  5. Utilization of Mango seed (p1325-1335)
    • Kittiphoom, S.
  6. Applications of inulin and probiotics in health and nutrition (p1337-1350)
    • Miremadi, F. and Shah, N. P.
Original Articles
  1. Determination of effective diffusion coefficient of water in marshmallow from drying data using finite-difference method (p1351-1354)
    • Fanek, H., Fava, F. and *Huang, E. C.
  2. Optimization of cocoa beans roasting process using Response Surface Methodology based on concentration of pyrazine and acrylamide (p1355-1359)
    • Farah, D.M.H., Zaibunnisa, A.H. and Misnawi
  3. Innovative use of Sweet sorghum juice in the beverage industry (p1361-1366)
    • Datta Mazumdar, S., Poshadri, A., Srinivasa Rao, P., Ravinder Reddy, C. H. and Reddy, B.V.S.
  4. In vitro digestion of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) and Cow (Bos taurus) milk (p1367-1374)
    • Opatha Vithana, N. L., Mason, S. L., Bekhit, A. E. A. and Morton, J. D.
  5. Consumers’ willingness to pay for non-gm food labeling in Thailand (p1375-1382)
    • Krualee, S. and Napasintuwong, O.
  6. Improved of color properties on Sardinella lemuru oil during adsorbent refining using magnesol xl (p1383-1386)
    • Suseno, S.H., Tajul, A.Y., Nadiah, W.A. and Noor, A.F.
  7. Studies on the physicochemical and sensory characteristics of goat’s milk dadih incorporated with tropical- fruit purees (p1387-1392)
    • Chye, S. J., Ahmad, R. and Noor Aziah, A. A.
  8. Total phenolic content and in vitro antioxidant activity of Vigna sinensis (p1393-1400)
    • Emynur Shafekh, S., Mohd Adzim Khalili, R., Catherine, C.C.W., Siti Syakiroh, Z.A., Ummu Habibah, A., Norhayati, A.H., Nor Farhanah, M.Y., Noor Husna, Z., Siti Nafizah, M.B., Azlina, M., Noor Shahhida Sazura, A.R. and Ahmad Zubaidi, A. L.
  9. Fatty acid composition of cooked and fermented beans of the wild legumes (Canavalia) of coastal sand dunes (p1401-1407)
    • Niveditha, V. R., Sridhar, K. R. and Chatra, S. K. R.
  10. Ice cream properties affected by lambda-carrageenan or iota-carrageenan interactions with locust bean gum/carboxymethylcellulose mixtures (p1409-1414)
    • Pintor, A. and Totosaus, A.
  11. The effects of egg white powder addition with tapioca and sago flours on physicochemical and sensory properties of duck sausage (p1415-1421)
    • Muthia, D., Huda, N., Ismail, N. and Easa, A. M.
  12. Quality evaluation of deep fried chips produced from lotus rhizome (p1423-1427)
    • Wipawee, Y. and Rajeev Bhat
  13. The study of germination and soaking time to improve nutritional quality of sorghum seed (p1429-1432)
    • Narsih, Yunianta and Harijono
  14. Effect of chitosan-palm stearin edible coating on the post harvest life of star fruits (Averrhoa carambola) stored at room temperature (p1433-1438)
    • Nurul Hanani, M. Z., Halimahton Zahrah, M. S.I and Zaibunnisa, A. H.
  15. Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content in aqueous extracts of selected traditional Malay salads (Ulam) (1439-1444)
    • Reihani, S. F. S. and Azhar, M. E.
  16. Extraction of volatile compounds from ‘Nam Dok Mai’ and ‘Maha Chanok’ mangoes (1445-1448)
    • Laohaprasit, N., Kukreja, R.K. and Arunrat, A.
  17. Effects of marinating ingredients on physicochemical, microstructural and sensory properties of golek chicken (p1449-1455)
    • Komoltri, P. and Pakdeechanuan, P.
  18. Nonthermal pasteurization of Pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) juice using the hurdle concept (1457-1461)
    • Halim, H., Noranizan, M. A., Sobhi, B., Sew, C.C., Karim, R. and Osman, A.
  19. High performance amylolytic yeast strains isolation and identification for valorization of potatoes waste available in Burkina Faso (p1463-1469)
    • Ouédraogo, N., Savadogo, A., Zongo, C., Somda, K. M. and Traoré, A. S.
  20. A DNA-based approach to discriminate between quince and apple in quince jams (p1471-1477)
    • Arleo, M., Ruibal, F., Pereyra, J., Miquel, E., Fernández, M. and Martínez, C.
  21. Mineral composition and pasting properties of banana pseudo-stem flour from Musa acuminata X balbisiana cv. Awak grown locally in Perak, Malaysia (p1479-1485)
    • Ho, L. H., Noor Aziah, A. A. and Rajeev Bhat
  22. Nutritional profile and antioxidative properties of selected tropical wild vegetables (p1487-1496)
    • Ng, X. N. , Chye, F. Y. and Mohd Ismail, A.
  23. Discrimination of plant and animal derived MAG and DAG by principal component analysis of fatty acid composition and thermal profile data (p1497-1501)
    • Nasyrah A.R. ,Marikkar J.M.N. and Dzulkifly M.H.
  24. Mathematical modeling of thin layer drying kinetics of stone apple slices (p1503-1510)
    • Rayaguru, K. and Routray, W.
  25. How accurate is glucometer in determining Glycemic index (p1511-1516)
    • Hettiaratchi, U. P.K., Ekanayake, S. and Welihinda, J.
  26. Welfare impacts of food price inflation in Pakistan (p1517-1531)
    • Idrees, M., Asma, M. and Khalid, Z.
  27. 33 Phytochemicals screening and total phenolic content of Malaysian Zea mays hair extracts (p1533-1538)
    • Solihah, M.A., Wan Rosli, W.I. and Nurhanan, A.R.
  28. Physicochemical and organoleptic properties of cookies incorporated with legume flour (p1539-1543)
    • Noor Aziah, A. A., Mohamad Noor, A. Y. and Ho, L.-H.
  29. Effective jam preparations from watermelon waste (p1545-1549)
    • Souad, A.M., Jamal, P. and Olorunnisola, K. S.
  30. Fumonisin monitoring in Thai red cargo rice by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization ion trap mass spectrometry (p1561-1566)
    • Tansakul, N., Limsuwan, S. and Trongvanichnam, K.
  31. The effect of soaking process of agricultural wastes on the adsorption of methylene blue dye (p1567-1571)
    • Abdualhamid, S. A. and Asil, A. A.
  32. Combined effect of low acid paste and modified atmospheric condition on quality changes of white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei during chilled storage (p1573-1580)
    • Siripongvutikron, S., Usawakesmanee, W., Wittaya, T., Koonpaew. B. and Pengseng, N..
  33. Flavonoid, phenolic contents and antioxidant properties of Thai hot curry paste extract and its ingredients as affected of pH, solvent types and high temperature (1581-1587)
    • Settharaksa, S., Jongjareonrak, A., Hmadhlu, P., Chansuwan, W. and Siripongvutikorn, S.
  34. Effect of cocoa bean drying methods on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contamination in cocoa butter (1589-1594)
    • Misnawi
  35. Determination of benzo[a]pyrene levels in smoked and oil fried Lates niloticus (p1595-1600)
    • Muyela, B., Shitandi, A. and Ngure, R.
  36. Antioxidant and antihemolytic activities of common Nilgiri barberry (Berberis tinctoria Lesch.) from south India (p1601-1607)
    • Sasikumar, J. M., Maheshu, V., Smilin, A. G., Gincy, M. M. and Joji, C.
  37. Trans Fat content in labeled and unlabelled Indian bakery products including fried snacks (p1609-1614)
    • Reshma, M. V., Challa, R. K., Nisha, P., SobanKumar, D. R., Sundaresan, A. and Jayamurthy, P.
  38. Cabbage supply chain mapping and postharvest loss in the domestic and export trade in Lao PDR (1615-1620)
    • Thongsavath, C., Varit, S., Thananya, W., Sirichai, K. and Antonio, A., Jr.
  39. Nutritional quality of muskmelon fruit as revealed by its biochemical properties during different rates of ripening (p1621-1628)
    • Menon, S. V. and Ramana Rao, T. V.
  40. Quality and storage stability of low acid Murrel (Channa striatus) fish pickle at room temperature (p1629-1632)
    • Sahu, B. B, Kumar, K., Sahu, A. K., Kumar, R., Mohanty, U. L., Maji, U. J., Noor Jahan, Sahoo, M., Samal, R. and Jayasankar, P.
  41. Optimizing process conditions for palm (Borassus flabelliffer) wine fermentation using Response Surface Methodology (p1633-1639)
    • Ghosh, S., Chakraborty, R. and Raychaudhuri, U.
  42. Effects of germination conditions on 5’-phosphodiesterase activity of selected seeds (p1641-1648)
    • Pui, L.P., Abdulkarim, S.M. and Ghazali, H.M.
  43. Production of germinated Red Jasmine brown rice and its physicochemical properties (p1649-1654)
    • Wichamanee, Y. and Teerarat, I.
  44. Characteristics of butyrylated arenga starch prepared at different reaction time and butyric anhydride concentration (p1655-1660)
    • Abdul Rahim, Haryadi, Muh. Nur Cahyanto and Yudi Pranoto
  45. Squalene recovery from palm fatty acid distillate using supercritical fluid extraction (p1661-1667)
    • Norhidayah, S., Baharin, B. S., Hamed, M. and Zaidul, I. S. M.
  46. Moisture sorption isotherm and isosteric heat of sorption of edible films made from blends of starch, amylose and methyl cellulose (p1669-1678)
    • Chowdhury, T. and Das, M.
  47. Quality assessment of weaning food produced from fermented cereal-legume blends using starters (1679-1685)
    • Wakil, S. M. and Kazeem, M.O.
  48. Effects of jackfruit puree supplementation on lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus FTDC 1295) in terms of viability and chemical compositions of dadih (p1687-1697)
    • Che Othman S.F., Noor Aziah, A.A., Ahmad, R. M.
  49. Biochemical and microbial qualities of Sardinella fimbriata sun dried in different methods (p1699-1703)
    • Zuraida, A., Yusliza, Y., Anuar, H. and Mohd Khairul Muhaimin, RImmaculate, J., Sinduja, P. and Jamila, P.
  50. Microbial and quality attributes of thermally processed chili shrimp paste (p1705-1712)
    • Sobhi, B., Noranizan, M., Ab Karim, S., Abdul Rahman, R., Bakar, J. and Ghazali, Z..
  51. Characterization of cheeses produced with ovine and caprine milk and microbiological evaluation of processing areas in the dairy plant in Brazil (p1713-1721)
    • Cássia, R. N. and Adriano, B.
  52. The curative action of Lactobacillus plantarum FNCC 226 to Saprolegnia parasitica A3 on catfish (Pangasius hypophthalamus Sauvage) (p1723-1727)
    • Nurhajati, J., Atira, Aryantha, I. N. P., Kadek Indah, D. G.
  53. Effect of incorporation of inulin on the survivability of Lactobacillus acidophilus in synbiotic ice cream (p1729-1732)
    • Pandiyan, C., Annal Villi, R., Kumaresan,G., Murugan, B. and Rajarajan, G.
  54. Antimicrobial activity of edible film incorporated with essential oils to preserve dried fish (Decapterus maruadsi) (p1733-1738)
    • Matan, N.
  55. Identification of predominant Lactobacillus species in liquid sourdough fermentation (p1739-1743)
    • Kam, W.Y., Wan Aida, W.M. and Sahilah, A.M.
  56. Genetic relatedness of Cronobacter spp. (Enterobacter sakazakii) isolated from dried food products in Indonesia (p1745-1749)
    • Gitapratiwi, D., Dewanti-Hariyadi, R. and Hidayat, S. H.
  57. Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in frozen burger patties in Malaysia (p1751-1756)
    • Wong, W. C., Pui, C. F., Tunung, R., Cheah, Y. K., Nakaguchi. Y., Nishibuchi, M., and Son, R.
  58. Detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae in raw vegetables using Most Probable Number-Polymerase Chain Reaction (MPN-PCR
    • Puspanadan, S., Afsah-Hejri, L., Loo, Y.Y, Nillian, E., Kuan, C.H., Goh, G.S., Chang, W.S., Lye, Y.L., John, Y.H.T., Rukayadi, Y., Yoshitsugu, N., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
Short Communications
  1. Prevalence of food borne pathogens in market samples of chicken meat in Bangalore (p1763-1765)
    • Wilfred Ruban, S., Nithin Prabhu, K. and Naveen Kumar, G.S.
  2. Malolactic fermentation of Grape Wine by Lactococcus lactis var cremoris NCIM 2402 (p1767-1770)
    • Kurane, A.B. and Ghosh, J.S.