VOLUME 20 ISSUE 3, 2013

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International Food Research Journal Volume 20 Issue 3, 2013

Mini Review
  1. Vietnamese rice-based alcoholic beverages (p1035-1041)
    • Dung, N. T. P. (IFRJ-2012-295)
Original Articles
  1. Antioxidant analysis of different parts of Carica papaya (p1043-1048)
    • Maisarah, A.M., Nurul Amira, B., Asmah, R. and Fauziah, O. (IFRJ-2012-312)
  2. Comparison of antioxidant components and antioxidant capacity in different parts of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) (p1049-1052)
    • Tan, K. P., Khoo, H. E. and Azrina, A. (IFRJ-2012-381)
  3. Evaluation of antioxidant potentials and total phenolic contents of selected Indian herbs powder extracts (p1053-1063)
    • Tupe, R. S., Kemse, N. G. and Khaire, A. A. (IFRJ-2012-364)
  4. Changes in lipid oxidation stability and antioxidant properties of avocado in response to 1-MCP and low oxygen treatment under low-temperature storage (p1065-1075)
    • Prabath Pathirana, U.A., Sekozawa, Y., Sugaya, S. and Gemma, H. (IFRJ-2012-491)
  5. Characteristics and antioxidant activity of Maillard reaction products derived from chitosan-sugar solution (p1077-1085)
    • Phisut, N. and Jiraporn, B. (IFRJ-2012-321)
  6. Evaluation of culinary quality and antioxidant capacity for Mexican common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) canned in pilot plant (p1087-1093)
    • Rocha-Guzman, N. E., Gallegos-Infante, J. A., Gonzalez-Laredo, R. F., Cardoza-Cervantes, V., Reynoso-Camacho, R., Ramos-Gomez, M., Garcia-Gasca, T. and De Anda Salazar, A. (IFRJ-2012-329)
  7. Antioxidant analysis of different types of edible mushrooms (Agaricus bisporous and Agaricus brasiliensis)(1095-1102)
    • Gan, C. H., Nurul Amira, B. and Asmah, R. (IFRJ-2012-306)
  8. A binary solvent extraction system for phenolic antioxidants and its application to the estimation of antioxidant capacity in Andrographis paniculata extracts (1103-1111)
    • Thoo, Y. Y., Ng, S. Y., Khoo, M. Z., Wan Aida, W. M. and Ho, C. W. (IFRJ-2012-226)
  9. Relationship between leaf position and antioxidant properties in three basil species (1113-1117)
    • Wongsen, W., Bodhipadma, K., Noichinda, S. and Leung, D. W. M. (IFRJ-2012-441)
  10. The phenolic contents and antiradical activity of Indonesian Phyllantus urinaria L. (1119-1124)
    • Arina, N. B. and Abdul Rohman (IFRJ-2012-334)
  11. Proximate composition, phytochemical profile and free radical scavenging activity of radiation processed Emblica officinalis (1125-1131)
    • Khattak, K. F. (IFRJ-2012-449)
  12. Impact of sprouting pretreatment on phytic acid and polyphenol level of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) flour (1133-1137)
    • Yuwei Luo, Weihua Xie, Xiaoxiao Jin, Beibei Tao, Qikang Chen and Wenjing Zhu (IFRJ-2012-480)
  13. Effect of various solvent systems on extraction of phenolics, tannins and sugars from beach pea (Lathyrus maritimus L.) (1139-1144)
    • Chavan, U. D. and Amarowicz, R. (IFR-2012-126)
  14. Mango seed kernel oil and its physicochemical properties (1145-1149))
    • Kittiphoom, S. and Sutasinee, S. (IFRJ-2012-355)
  15. Nutritional composition and oil fatty acids of Indian winter melon [Benincasa hispida (Thunb.)] seeds (1151-1155)
    • Rayees, B., Dorcus, M. and Chitra, S. (IFRJ-2012-338)
  16. Industrially produced trans fatty acids: major potential sources in Malaysian diet (1157-1164)
    • Azimah, A., Azrina, A., Norhaizan, M. E., Mohd Sokhini, A. M. and Daud, A. Z. (IFRJ-2012-179)
  17. Some nutritional attributes of bambara groundnut as influenced by domestic processing (1165-1171)
    • Mazahib, A. M., Nuha, M. O., Sara, I. and Babiker, E. E. (IFRJ-2012-456)
  18. Composition of tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) and Chinese apple flower (Malus spp.) buds (1173-1179)
    • Voon, H.C., Rajeev Bhat, Karim A.A. and Rosma A. (IFRJ-2012-370)
  19. Development of smoothies from selected fruit pulps/juices (1181-1185)
    • Balaswamy, K., Prabhakara Rao, P.G., Nagender, A., Narsing Rao, G., Sathiya Mala K., Jyothirmayi, T., Math, R.G. and *Satyanarayana, A. (IFRJ-2012-360)
  20. Effect of corn varieties on the characteristics of soycorn milk (1187-1190)
    • Trisnawati, C. Y., Srianta, I. and Marsono, Y. (IFRJ-2012-444)
  21. The roles of phytochemicals in red wine as a protective agent against alcohol damage (1191-1197)
    • Gupta, A., Ellis, M.E. and Oduse, K.A. (IFRJ-2012-425)
  22. A study of Mu Yor sausage wraps using chitosan films incorporating garlic oil, lemon grass oil and galangal oil (1199-1204)
    • Jirukkakul, N. (IFRJ-2012-422)
  23. Energy requirements of size reduction of some selected cereals using attrition mill (1205-1209)
    • Akinoso, R., Lawal, I. A. and Aremu, A. K. (IFRJ-2012-416)
  24. Optimisation of ambient temperature vacuum distillation technique for the characterisation of volatile compounds in mushrooms (1211-1214)
    • Ashmore, L., Craske, J. D. and Srzednicki, G. (IFRJ-2012-411)
  25. Changes in acidification, sugars and mineral composition of cocoa pulp during fermentation of pulp pre-conditioned cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans (1215-1222)
    • Afoakwa, E. O, Kongor, J. E., Takrama, J. F. and Budu, A. S. (IFRJ-2012-397).
  26. Sorption characteristics and some physical properties of caraway (Carum Carvi L.) seeds (1223-1227)
    • Rajamanickam, R., Kumar, R., Johnsy, G. and Sabapathy, S.N. (IFRJ-2012-393)
  27. Chemical composition and anti-proliferative properties of flowers of Clitoria Ternatea (1229-1234)
    • Neda, G. D., Rabeta, M. S. and Ong, M. T. (IFRJ-2012-389)
  28. Comparative study of Monascus sanguineus and Monascus purpureus for red pigment production under stress condition (1235-1238)
    • Dikshit, R. and Tallapragada, P. (IFRJ-2012-385)
  29. Effect of chlorogenic acid on hydroxymethylfurfural in different Maillard reaction systems (1239-1242)
    • Jiang, S.S., Ou S.Y, Liang, E., Yu, M., Huang, C.H., and Zhang, G.W. (IFRJ-2012-362)
  30. Determination of potential volatiles markers from citrus, eucalyptus, cotton and wildflower Palestinian honeys using SPME followed by GCMS analysis (1243-1247)
    • Odeh, I., Abu-Lafi, S. and Al-Najjar, I. (IFRJ-2012-325)
  31. Complex formation between Tragacanth gum and beta-lactoglobulin in aqueous solution (1249-1254)
    • Nasirpour, A., Amir, M., Hajihashemi, Z. and Fazilati, M. (IFRJ-2012-319)
  32. Physicochemical properties of silver catfish (Pangasius sp.) frame hydrolysate (1255-1262)
    • Amiza, M. A., Ow, Y.W. and Faazaz, A. L. (IFRJ-2012-313)
  33. Modified atmosphere packaging of sweet cherries with biodegradable films (1263-1268)
    • Giacalone, G. and Chiabrando, V. (IFRJ-2012-304)
  34. Encapsulation of coconut shell liquid smoke in chitosan-maltodextrin based nanoparticles (1269-1276)
    • Saloko, S., Darmadji, P., Setiaji, B., Pranoto, Y. and Anal, A.K. (IFRJ-2012-299)
  35. Impacts of freeze-thawing on melanosis and quality change of pre-cooked Pacific white shrimp (1277-1283)
    • Manheem, K., Benjakul, S., Kijroongrojana, K. and Visessanguan, W. (IFRJ-2012-193)
  36. The impact of processing on phytic acid, in vitro soluble zinc and Phy/Zn molar ratio of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) (1285-1291)
    • Yuwei Luo, Weihua Xie, Xiaoxiao Jin, Bo Zhang, Qian Wang and Yijian He (IFRJ-2012-090)
  37. Maca flour: a powerful ingredient for functionally enhanced bread (1293-1300)
    • Puoci, F., Malanchin, R., Piangiolino, C.,1Restuccia, D., Curcio, M., Parisi, O.I., Cirillo, G. and Picci, N. (IFRJ-2012-086)
  38. Development and physical analysis of high fiber bread incorporated with cocoa (Theobroma cacao sp.) pod husk powder (1301-1305)
    • Amir, I.Z., Hanida, S. and Syafiq, A. (IFRJ-2012-344)
  39. Effect of de-oiled peanut meal flour (DPMF) on the textural, organoleptic and physico chemical properties of bread (1307-1312)
    • Yadav, D.N., Thakur, N., Sunooj, K.V. and Singh, K.K. (IFRJ-2012-374).
  40. Effect of UV-treatment on the properties of biodegradable rice starch films (1313-1322)
    • Nawapat, D. and Thawien, W. (IFRJ-2012-052)
  41. Some physical characteristics and bioactive compounds, of young flattened rice (Khao-Mao) (1323-1328)
    • Ekasit, O. and Jiraporn, B. (IFRJ-2012-435)
  42. Effects of amylose and resistant starch on starch digestibility of rice flours and starches (1329-1335)
    • Tutusaus, J. A. M., Srikaeo, K. and Diéguez, J. G. (IFRJ-2012-434)
  43. Contour presentation of long grain rice degree of milling and instrumental texture during cooking (1337-1344)
    • Saleh, M. and Meullenet, J.-F. (IFRJ-2012-361)
  44. Physiochemical properties, proximate composition, and cooking qualities of locally grown and imported rice varieties marketed in Penang, Malaysia (1345-1351)
    • Rachel Thomas, Wan-Nadiah, W. A. and Rajeev Bhat (IFRJ-2012-303)
  45. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) concentration and steeping time duration effects on starch production from dry-milled low quality rice IR 64 grade 3 flour using alkaline-protease enzyme digestion method (1353-1358)
    • Bindar, Y., Efan, A. and Rahmi (IFRJ-2012-192)
  46. Postharvest of paddy and milled rice affected physicochemical properties using different storage conditions (1359-1366)
    • Werasit, K. and Metinee, M. (IFRJ-2012-173)
  47. Utilisation of date wastes as substrate for the production of α-amylase (1367-1372)
    • Acourene, S., Amourache, L., Benchabane, A. and Djaafri K. (IFRJ-2011-313)
  48. Effect of fermentation and processing on in vitro mineral estimation of selected fermented foods (1373-1377)
    • Mohite, B. V.,Chaudhari, G. A., Ingale, H. S. and Mahajan, V. N. (IFRJ-2011-190)
  49. Selection of genotype and development of technology for sorghum hurda Production (1379-1382)
    • Chavan, U. D., Dalvi, U. S., Pawar, G. H. and Shinde, M. S. (IFRJ-2012-095)
  50. Authentication analysis of butter from beef fat using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics (1383-1388)
    • Nurrulhidayah, A.F., Che Man, Y.B., Rohman, A.,Amin, I., Shuhaimi, M. and Khatib, A. (IFRJ-2012-415)
  51. Discrimination of pork content in mixtures with raw minced camel and buffalo meat using FTIR spectroscopic technique (1389-1394)
    • Lamyaa, M. A. (IFRJ-2011-373)
  52. Identification polypeptide biomarkers of porcine skin gelatin by two-dimensional electrophoresis (1395-1399)
    • Aina, M.A., Amin, I., Raja Mohd Hafidz, R.N. and Yaakob, C.M. (IFRJ-2012-407)
  53. Effect of modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging on quality changes of refrigerated tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fillets (1401-1408)
    • Masniyom, P., Benjama, O. and Maneesri, J. (IFRJ-2012-398)
  54. Effect of whey fractions on microbial and physicochemical properties of probıotıc ayran (drinkable yogurt) (1409-1415)
    • Ayar, A. and Burucu, H. (IFRJ-2012-187)
  55. Effect of temperature on the lipolytic and proteolytic activity of Bacillus cereus isolated from dairy products (1417-1420)
    • Montanhini, M.T.M., Montanhini, R.N., Pinto, J.P.N. and Bersot, L.S. (IFRJ-2012-423)
  56. Occurrence of Aflatoxin M1 in raw and pasteurized milk produced in west region of Iran (during summer and winter) (1421-1425)
    • Vagef, R. and Mahmoudi, R. (IFRJ-2012-465)
  57. Experimental validation of product quality model for bread baking process (1427-1434)
    • Hadiyanto (IFRJ-2012-128)
  58. Is the use of a questionnaire on non-cereal foods consumption is reliable and valid to measure households’ food insecurity: experience and understanding from chronically poverty prone region in Bangladesh (1435-1442)
    • Islam, G.M.R., Alam, M.J. and Buysse, J. (IFRJ-2012-354)
  59. Microbial quality of Khoa and Khoa based milk sweets from different sources (1443-1447)
    • Karthikeyan, N. and Pandiyan, C. (IFRJ-2012-342)
  60. Characterization of Aeromonas hydrophila from hemorrhagic diseased freshwater fishes in Anhui Province,China (1449-1452)
    • Ye, Y.W., Fan, T. F., Li, H., Lu, J. F., Jiang, H., Hu, W. and Jiang, Q. H. (IFRJ-2012-350)
  61. Bacteriostatic and fungistatic activities of Oreganum vulgare extract and volatile oil and interaction studies in combination with antibiotics and antifungal agents against food poisoning pathogens (1453-1458)
    • Bharti, V., Vasudeva, N. and Duhan, J.S. (IFRJ-2012-432)
  62. University foodservice: an overview of factors influencing the customers’ dining choice (1459-1468)
    • Nadzirah, S., Ab Karim, S. Ghazali, H. and Othman, M. (IFRJ-2012-222)
  63. Bacterial contamination in fresh white cheeses sold in bazaars Canakkale, Turkey (1469-1472)
    • Alper , S. and Nesrin, C. (IFRJ-2012-254)
  64. Antibiotic resistance and plasmid profile of Escherichia coli isolated from ducks in Penang, Malaysia (1473-1478)
    • Ting, S. L., Adzitey, F., Ali, G.R.R. and Huda, N. (IFRJ-2012-427)
  65. Characterization of extended-spectrum β -lactamases (ESBLs) producers in Klebsiella pneumoniae by genotypic and phenotypic method (1479-1483)
    • Puspanadan, S., Afsah-Hejri, L., John, Y.H.T., Rukayadi, Y., Loo, Y.Y, Nillian, E., Kuan, C.H., Goh, S.G., Chang, W.S., Lye, Y.L., Mohd Shahril, N., Yoshitsugu, N.,Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R. (IFRJ-2013-001)
  66. Efficiency of four Malaysian commercial disinfectants on removing Listeria monocytogenes biofilm (1485-1490)
    • Fouladynezhad, N., Afsah-Hejri, L., Rukayadi, Y., Nakaguchi, Y., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R. (IFRJ-2012-489)
  67. Microbiological study of sea fish samples collected from local markets in Dhaka city (1491-1495)
    • Md. Rokibul, H., Mrityunjoy, A., Eshita, D., Kamal, K. D., Tasnia, A., Muhammad, A. A., Kazi., K. F. and Rashed, N. (IFRJ-2012-391)
Short Communications
  1. New red rice transgressive variants with high antioxidant capacity (1497-1501)
    • Parviz, F., Aminah, A., Kharidah, M., Khalid, H. M. and Wickneswari, R. (IFRJ-2012-357)
  2. Food risk management quality (FRMQ) of government and the private firms: Consumers’ perspectives in China and Korea (1503-1509)
    • Renee BoYoung Kim (IFRJ-2013-058)