VOLUME 21 ISSUE 1, 2014

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International Food Research Journal Volume 21 Issue 1, 2014

Mini Review
  1. Recent research and development of Monascus fermentation products (1-12)
    • Srianta, I., Ristiarini, S., Nugerahani, I., Sen, S. K., Zhang, B. B., Xu, G. R. and Blanc, P.J.
  2. Rice in health and nutrition (13-24)
    • Rohman, A., Siti Helmiyati, Mirza Hapsari and Dwi Larasati Setyaningrum
  3. Rambutan seed fat as a potential source of cocoa butter substitute in confectionary product (25-31)
    • Issara, U., Zzaman, W. and Yang, T.A.
Original Articles
  1. Microbiological quality analysis of shrimps collected from local market around Dhaka city (33-38)
    • Samia, S., Galib, H. T., Tanvir, A. S., Basudeb, C. S., Md. Walliullah, Tasnia, A., Md. Sakil, M., Afsana, F. N., Sadia, K. P., Kamal, K. D., Mrityunjoy, A., Nusrat, J. U., Tasmina, R. and Rashed, N.
  2. Physico-chemical and sensory properties of musts and wines from Melodorum fruticosum Lour. (39-43)
    • Tatdao, P., Norraset, S. and Tiwawan, S.
  3. Isomerisation and degradation of lycopene during heat processing in simulated food system (45-50)
    • Huawei, Z., Xiaowen, W., Elshareif, O., Hong, L., Qingrui, S. and Lianfu, Z.
  4. Effects of high pressure and thermal processing on phytochemical, color and microbiological qualities of herbal-plant infusion (51-57)
    • Chaikham, P., Worametrachanon, S. and Apichartsrangkoon, A
  5. Biofilm assessment of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from seafood using Random Amplified Polymorphism DNA-PCR (59-65)
    • Elexson, N., Yaya, R., Nor, A. M., Kantilal, H. K., Ubong, A., Yoshitsugu, N., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
  6. Microwave drying kinetics of olive fruit (Olea europeae L.) (67-72)
    • Mahdhaoui, B., Mechlouch, R. F., Mahjoubi, A. and Ben Brahim, A.
  7. Optimization of drying temperature and water extraction time of Monascus-fermented durian seed for the Monacolin K content using Response Surface Methodology (73-76)
    • Srianta, I., Nugerahani, I., Sutedja, A. M. and Widharna, R. M.
  8. Effect of mash quantity and roasting duration on some physical and pasting properties of gari (77-82)
    • Rahman Akinoso and Olatunde, S. J.
  9. Survivability and metabolic activity of Lactobacillus casei 01 incorporating lychee juice plus inulin under simulated gastrointestinal environment (83-89)
    • Kingwatee, N., Apichartsrangkoon, A., Chaikham, P., Pankasemsuk, T. and Changrue, V.
  10. Effects of combined antioxidants and packing on lipid oxidation of salted dried snakehead fish (Channa striata) during refrigerated storage (91-99)
    • Nitipong, J., Nongnuch, R., Kamonwan, R. and Teeraporn, K.
  11. Fate of the phenolic compounds during olive oil production with the traditional press method (101-109)
    • Goldsmith, C. D., Stathopoulos, C. E., Golding, J. B. and Roach, P. D.
  12. The utilization of cocoa polyphenol extract to improve the shelf life of bulk frying oil used in open and deep frying (111-118)
    • Misnawi, Teguh, W., Susijahadi, Eka, N. D. and Noor, A. F.
  13. Total phenolic content, reducing power, antioxidative and anti-amylase activities of five Bangladeshi fruits (119-124)
    • Aklima, J., Mojumder, S. and Sikdar, D.
  14. Consumption pattern and consumers’ opinion toward street food in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand (125-130)
    • Khongtong, J., Ab Karim, S., Othman, M. and Bolong, J.
  15. Incidence of multiple potentially pathogenic bacteria in tap water from different restaurants in Dhaka city, Bangladesh (131-134)
    • Md. Shahidul, K., Mehadee, H. and Sunjukta, A.
  16. Protein solubility behaviour of fresh and frozen chicken meat in slaughtering and non slaughtering condition (135-137)
    • Nahar, M. K., Zakaria, Z. and Hashim, U.
  17. Traditional cured meat-making process degrades the proteins of M. latissimus dorsi of bovine (IFRJ-2013-393) (139-148)
    • Abdulatef Mrghni Ahhmed
  18. Triterpenoid-rich fraction of Centella asiatica leaves and in vivo antihypertensive activity (149-154)
    • Harwoko, Suwidjiyo, P. and Agung, E. N.
  19. Physico-chemical properties of spray-dried red pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) peel powder during storage (155-160)
    • Ee, S. C, Jamilah, B., Muhammad, K., Hashim, D. M. and Adzahan, N.
  20. Chemical constituents of essential oil from the leaf of Alpinia nigra of Bangladesh (161-164)
    • Islam, F., Morshed, A. J. M., Nandi, N. C. and Shahjahan, M.
  21. Antioxidant and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities of the leaf and stem of selected traditional medicinal plants (165-172)
    • Lee, S. Y., Mediani, A., Nur Ashikin, A. H, Azliana, A. B. S. and Abas, F.
  22. Enhanced chilling tolerance in heat-treated mangosteen (173-180)
    • Manurakchinakorn, S., Nuymak, P. and Issarakraisila, M.
  23. Factors influencing consumer intentions to avoid broiler chicken meat and products in Malaysia (181-188)
    • Huang, L. C., Goh, Y. N. and Mohaidin, Z.
  24. Preparation and characterization of starch/carrageenan edible films (189-193)
    • Abdou, E. S. and Sorour, M. A.
  25. Effects of transglutminase on the quality of white salted noodles made from Korean wheat cultivars (195-202)
    • Kang, C. S., Kim, K. H., Choi, I. D, Son, J. H. and Park, C. S
  26. Production and evaluation of flours and crunchy snacks from sweet potato (Ipomea batatas) and maize flours (203-208)
    • Olapade, A. A. and Ogunade, O. A.
  27. Comparative sensory evaluation of soy protein isolates extracted from full-fat and defatted flours using natural and conventional synthetic extraction chemicals (209-215)
    • Chamba, M. V. M., Hua, Y. and Simwaka, J. E.
  28. Effect of incorporation of carrot pomace powder and germinated chickpea flour on the quality characteristics of biscuits (217-222)
    • Baljeet, S. Y., Ritika, B.Y. and Reena, K.
  29. Effect of processing conditions on physico-chemical and textural properties of shami kebab (223-228)
    • Pandey, M. C., Harilal, P. T. and Radhakrishna, K.
  30. Lipid content and fatty acid composition of the liver from the rajiforms Urotrygon chilensis, Urobatis halleri, Rhinobatos glaucostigma, Rhinoptera steindachneri and Dasyatis dipeteura captured in Sinaloa, México (229-235)
    • Navarro-García, G., González-Félix, M. L., Márquez-Farías, F., Bringas-Alvarado, L., Pérez-Velazquez, M., Montoya-Laos, J. M. and Moreno-Silva, B.
  31. Enzymatic rettings of green pepper berries for white pepper production (237-245)
    • Rosnah, S. and Chan, S. C.
  32. Effects of the particle size and cooking conditions on in vitro digestibility of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) (L.) Moench) flour starch (247-254)
    • Brou, K., Gbogouri, G. A., Kouadio , J. H., Nogbou, A. L., Abdoulaye, C. Y. and Gnakri, D.
  33. Evaluation of toxic elements in rice (Oryza sativa) commercially available in Pakistan; multivariate study (255-261)
    • Jalbani, N., Aftab, A. K., Bhutto, S., Ahmed, F. and Mahroze, A. K.
  34. Volatile compounds in fresh, cooked fresh, dried and cooked dried Agaricus bisporus using ambient temperature vacuum distillation (263-268)
    • Ashmore, L., Craske, J. D. and Srzednicki, G.
  35. Effect of ribose-induced Maillard reaction on physical and mechanical properties of bovine gelatin films prepared by oven drying (269-276)
    • Samira, S., Thuan-Chew Tan, T. C. and Azhar, M. E.
  36. Determination of types of fat ingredient in some commercial biscuit formulations (277-282)
    • Yanty N. A. M., Marikkar, J. M. N. and Abdulkarim, S. M.
  37. Quality improvement of silver carp fingers by optimizing the level of major elements influencing texture (283-290)
    • Shaviklo, A. R. and Fahim, A.
  38. Extraction of brown rice extract and application in refined palm olein during accelerated storage (291-296)
    • Supasit Chooklin
  39. Extraction and determination of physico-chemical characteristics of Pili nut oil (297-301)
    • Zarinah, Z., Maaruf, A. G.,, Nazaruddin, R., Wong, W. W. W. and Xuebing, X.
  40. Evaluation of the proximate and phytochemical compositions of an underexploited legume Mucuna pruriens var. utilis (Wall ex Wight) L.H.Bailey (303-308)
    • Kalidass, C. and Ajay, K. M.
  41. Antioxidant, antimicrobial activity and in-vitro cytotoxicity screening study of Pili nut oil (IFRJ-2013-155) (309-316)
    • Zarinah, Z., Maaruf, A. G., Nazaruddin, R., Wong, W. W. W. and Xuebing, X.
  42. Effects of different types and concentration of salts on the rheological and thermal properties of sin croaker and shortfin scad skin gelatin (317-324)
    • Sarbon, N. M., Cheow, C. S., Kyaw. Z. W. and Howell, N. K.
  43. Comparison of stability of red colorants from natural sources, roselle and lac in micelles (325-330)
    • Piyarat, K., Walaisiri, M. and Pornpen, W.
  44. Evaluation of oxidative stability of sunflower oil at frying temperature in presence of butylated hydroxytoluene and methanolic extracts of medicinally important plants of Pakistan (331-334)
    • Raza, S. A., Rashid, A., William, J. and Razzaq, A.
  45. Novel conditions for tofu and pehtze preparation to overcome bacterial contamination in pehtze (335-342)
    • Kanlayakrit, W. and Phromsak, K.
  46. Sorption isotherms and isosteric energy of Manihot esculenta leaves (343-348)
    • Edoun, M. and Kuitche, A.
  47. Antihyperglycemic activity of functional drinks based on Java Tea (Orthosiphon aristatus) in streptozotocin induced diabetic mice (349-355)
    • Indariani, S., Hanny Wijaya, C., Rahminiwati, M., and Wien Winarno, M.
  48. Microbial profile of Tella and the role of gesho (Rhamnus prinoides) as bittering and antimicrobial agent in traditional Tella (Beer) production (357-365)
    • Berhanu, A.
  49. Physicochemical properties and antioxidant activity of Doshab (A traditional concentrated grape juice) (367-371)
    • Aliakbarlu, J., Khalili, S., Mohammadi, Sh. and Naghili, H.
  50. Osmotic dehydration of aloe vera cubes and selection of suitable drying model (373-378)
    • Pisalkar, P. S., Jain, N. K., Pathare, P. B., Murumkar. R. P. and Revaskar, V. A.
  51. In vitro antimicrobial activity of musk lime, key lime and lemon extracts against food related pathogenic and spoilage bacteria (379-386)
    • Velu, S., Abu Bakar, F., Mahyudin, N. A., Saari, N. and Zaman, M. Z.
  52. Effects of freeze drying on retention of essential oils, changes in glandular trichomes of lemon balm leaves (387-394)
    • Antal, T., Chong, C. H., Law, C. L. and Sikolya, L.
  53. Antilisterial activity of broccoli stems (Brassica oleracea) by flow cytometry (395-399)
    • Corrêa, C. B., Corrêa, C. B., Martin, J. G. P., Alencar, S. M. and Porto, E.
  54. Comparative study of the aqueous and ethanolic extract of Momordica foetida on the phenolic content and antioxidant properties (401-405)
    • Molehin, O. R. and Adefegha, S. A.
  55. Instrumental and visual evaluation of color change in Iranian honey samples under different illuminants (407-411)
    • Safi, M., Ansari, K. and Zanganeh, M.
  56. The effect of cassava starch-based edible coating enriched with Kaempferia rotunda and Curcuma xanthorrhiza essential oil on refrigerated patin fillets quality (413-419)
    • Rohula Utami, Kawiji, Edhi Nurhartadi, Andre Yusuf Trisna Putra, Andik Setiawan
Short Communications
  1. Effect of Leaf Extract of Pandanus amaryllifolius (Roxb.) on growth of Escherichia coli and Micrococcus (Staphylococcus) aureus (421-423)
    • Faras, A. F., Wadkar, S. S. and Ghosh, J. S.