VOLUME 23 ISSUE 3, 2016

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International Food Research Journal Volume 23 Issue 3, 2016

Review Articles
  1. Collagen extraction process
    • Schmidt M. M., Dornelles, R. C. P., Mello R. O., Kubota E. H., Mazutti M. A., Kempka A. P. and Demiate I. M.
  2. An overview on some of important sources of natural antioxidants Akbarirad, H.,
    • Gohari Ardabili, A., Kazemeini, S. M. and Mousavi Khaneghah, A.
Research Articles
    • Chingsuwanrote, P., Muangnoi, C., Parengam, K. and Tuntipopipat, S.
    • Belyagoubi, L.,Belyagoubi-Benhammou, N., Atik-Bekkara, F. and Coustard, J.M.
    • Boukhanouf, S., Louaileche, H. and Perrin, D.
    • Yabrir, B., Chenouf, A., Chenouf, N. S., Bouzidi, A., Gaucheron, F. and Mati, A.
    • Chalamaiah, M., Jyothirmayi, T., Diwan, P. V., Venu Babu, V., Purnendu Kumar, S. and Dinesh Kumar, B.
    • Youryon, P. and Supapvanich, S.
    • Manurakchinakorn, S., Chainarong, Y. and Sawatpadungkit, C.
    • Vo, T. T., Jitareerat, P., Uthairatanakij, A., K., Limmatvapirat, S. and Kato, M.
    • Wimontham, T. and Rojanakorn, T.
    • Ocanha, G. S., Augusto, P. E. D., Leite, T. S. and Cristianini, M.
    • Jahit, I.S., Nazmi, N.N.M., Isa, M.I.N. and Sarbon, N.M.
    • Suderman, N., Isa, M.I.N. and Sarbon, N.M.
    • Phianmongkhol, A. and Wirjantoro, T. I.
    • Katemake, P., Preda, R.I. and Duangmal, K.
    • Pongsing, W. and Chaoruangrit, A.Pongsing, W. and Chaoruangrit, A.
    • Zawawi, N., Azizah, A.H. and Maznah, I.
    • Safithri, M., Kurniawati, A. and Syaefudin
    • Hamzeh, A., Azizieh, A. and Yazagy, S.
    • Kingwascharapong, P. and Benjakul, S.
  1. Characterization of endogenous proteases from lizardfish (Saurida Wanieso) viscera and associated salt-dependent properties
    • Zhong, C., Sun, L. C., Geng, J. T., Okazaki, E., Cao, M. J., Weng, W. Y. and Osako, K.
    • Nyam, K.L., Tang, J. L. K. and Long, K.
  2. Evaluation of a suitable thin layer model for drying of pumpkin under forced air convection
    • Onwude, D. I., Hashim, N., Janius, R. B., Nawi, N. and Abdan, K.
  3. Nutrient content of three clones of red fruit (Pandanus conoideus) during the maturity development
    • Sarungallo, Z. L., Murtiningrum, Santoso, B., Roreng, M. K. and Latumahina, R. M. M.
Short Communication
  1. Effect of spray drying conditions on physical characteristics of coconut sugar powder
    • A-sun, K., Thumthanaruk, B., Lekhavat, S. and Jumnongpon, R.
  2. Use of spice extracts and its impact on lipid profile in vivo
    • Jorge, N., Veronezi, C. M. and Del Ré, P. V.