VOLUME 24 ISSUE 1, 2017

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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 1, 2017

Mini Review
  1. Preparation, properties and application of rice bran protein: A review
    • Phongthai, S., Homthawornchoo, W. and Rawdkuen, S.
Original articles
    • Chakraborty, K., Raychaudhuri, U. and Chakraborty, R.
    • Zakwan, Julianti, E. and Lubis, Z.
    • Sadoudi, R. and Ali Ahmed, D.
    • Hanis Mastura, Y., Hasnah, H. and Yap, Y.T.
  1. Effect of processing treatments on polyphenol removal from kernel of two Iranian acorns varieties
    • Ghaderi-Ghahfarrokhi, M., Sadeghi-Mahoonak, A.R., Alami, M. and Mousavi Khanegah, A
  2. Isolation and development of wheat based gluten edible film and its physico-chemical properties
    • Sharma, N., Khatkar, B. S., Kaushik, R., Sharma, P. and Sharma, R.
  3. Effect of different drying methods and solvent ratios on biological activities of Phyllanthus acidus extracts
    • Siti Zulaikha, A. G, Mediani, A, Khoo, L. W, Lee, S. Y, Leong, S. W. and Abas, F.
    • Fong, E.L., Khan, M.J., Wan Aida, W.M. and Maskat, M.Y.
    • 15. Assessment of heavy metals, minerals, alcohol, and fusel oil content of selected fermented plant beverages of Thailan
    • Wichienchot, S., Prakobpran, P., Ngampanya, B. and Jaturapiree, P.
    • Ilao, S.M.M., Panabang, M.B., Depositario, D.P.T. and and Baticados, G.N.
    • Martini, M., Altomonte, I., Sant'Ana Da Silva, A. M. and Salari, F.
    • Thomas, R., Banik, S., Mohan, N. H. and Sarma, D. K.
    • Chaobo, X., Feng, G.., Pingya, W., Jin, Z. and Yuanyuan, L.
    • Marangoni, C., Cichoski, A.J. and Barin, J.S.
  4. Assessment of different packaging structures in the stability of refrigerated fresh Brazilian Toscana sausage
    • De Paula, R., Soares, J. M., Da Silva, P. F., Backes, G.T., Cansian, R. L., Treichel, H. and Valduga, E
    • Tee, E. T. and Siow, L. F.
    • Lilly, T.T., Immaculate, J.K. and Jamila, P.
  5. Utilization of flavor enhancers in hamburgers with replacement of 70% NaCl by KCl
    • Freitas, T. A., dos Santos, S. G. P., Gonçalves, C. A. A., dos Santos, B. A., Silva, M. S., Cichoski, A. J. and Campagnol, P. C. B.
    • Karnopp, A. R., Margraf, T., Maciel, L. G., Santos, J. S. and Granato, D.
    • Sripakdee, T., Mahachai, R. and Chanthai, S.
    • Prakitchaiwattana, C., Boonin, K. and Kaewklin, P.
    • Silva, L. M. R., Lima, A.C.S., Maia, A.G., Sousa, P.H.M., Gonzaga, M.L.C. and Ramos, A.M.
    • Pathak, D., Majumdar, J., Raychaudhuri, U. and Chakraborty, R.
    • Pojchananaphasiri, W. and Lertworasirikul, S.
    • Awolu, O.O., Oyebanji, O.V. and Sodipo, M.A.
  6. Fatty acid profile of Chlorella biomass obtained by fed batch heterotrophic cultivation
    • Ferreira, S.P., Holz, J.C.P., Lisboa, C.R. and Costa, J.A.V.
  7. Quality attributes of Bael (Aeglemarmelos Corr.) preserve and candy
    • Singh, A. K., Chaurasiya, A. K. and Mitra, S.
  8. Characterization of a new biodegradable edible film based on semolina loaded with nano kaolin
    • Jafarzadeh, S.,Alias, A.K.,Ariffin, F.,Mahmud, S., Najafi, A. and Sheibani, S.
  9. Unravel browning mechanism in making kue delapan jam
    • Agustini, S., Priyanto, G., Hamzah, B., Santoso, B. and Pambayun, R.
  10. Salt release from yellow alkaline noodles
    • Tan, T.C., Ho, S.C., Chong, S.M. and Easa, A.M.
  11. A survey on the quality of traditional butters produced in West Azerbaijan province, Iran
    • Ghasemloy Incheh, K.H., Hassanzadazar, H., Forouzan, S.H., Banafshehchin, E.l., Mozafarian, E.l., Aminzare, M. and Hashemi, M.
  12. Rural households’ food security status and coping strategies in Edo State Nigeria
    • Ehebhamen, O. G., Obayelu, A.E., Vaughan, I.O. and Afolabi, W.A.O.
  13. Immobilization of fungi β-galactosidase on celite to produce galactooligosaccharides during lactose hydrolysis
    • Fai, A.E.C., Kawaguti, H.Y., Thomazelli, I., Santos, R. and Pastore, G.M.
  14. Probiotic yoghurt flavored with organic beet with carrot, cassava, sweet potato or corn juice: Physicochemical and texture evaluation, probiotic viability and acceptance
    • Januário, J. G. B., da Silva, I. C. F., de Oliveira, A. S., de Oliveira, J. F., Dionísio, J. N., Klososki, S. J. and Pimentel, T. C.
  15. Characterization of anti-listerial bacteriocin produced by lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional fermented foods from Cambodia
    • Peng, C., Borges, S., Magalhães, R., Carvalheira, A., Ferreira, V., Casquete, R. and Teixeira, P.
  16. Microbiological quality of cooked meat products sold in Kelantan, Malaysia during Ramadhan month
    • Ain Auzureen, M. Z., Erkihun Aklilu, Mohd Azam Khan, G. K., Ruhil Hayati, H., Al Sultan, I. I. and Soon, J. M.
  17. Prevalence of Salmonella spp. in chicken and beef from retail outlets in Malaysia
    • Shafini, A.B., Son, R., Mahyudin, N.A., Rukayadi, Y. and Tuan Zainazor, T.C.
  18. Isolation of food-borne pathogen bacteriophages from retail food and environmental sewage
    • Thung, T. Y., Siti Norshafawatie, B. M. F., Premarathne, J. M. K. J. K., Chang, W. S., Loo, Y. Y., Kuan, C. H., New, C. Y., Ubong, A., Ramzi, O. S. B., Mahyudin, N. A., Dayang, F. B., Che Wan Jasimah, W. M. R. and Son, R.
Short Communication
  1. Detection and quantification of aflatoxin in cassava and maize flour sold in Kigali open markets, Rwanda
    • Matsiko, F., Kanyange, C., Ingabire, G., Dusingizimana, T., Vasanthakaalam, H. and Kimonyo, A.