VOLUME 26 ISSUE 1, 2019

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International Food Research Journal Volume 26 Issue 1, 2019

  1. Loop mediated isothermal amplification; a review on its application and strategy in animal spp. authentication of meat based food products
    • Tasrip, N. A., Khairil Mokhtar, N. F., Hanapi, U. K., Abdul Manaf, Y. N., Ali, M. E., Cheah, Y. K., Mustafa, S. and Mohd Desa, M. N.
Mini Review
  1. Critical review on dietary sodium reduction policies in Malaysia
    • Shahrir, S. N., Abdul Manaf, M. R., Mustapha, F. I. and Md. Isa, Z.
  2. Natural products in food preservation
    • Campêlo, M. C. S., Medeiros, J. M. S. and Silva, J. B. A.
Original articles
    • Nazmi, N. N. M. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Freitas, B. C. B., Santos, T. D., Moreira, J. B., Zanfonato, K., Morais, M. G. and Costa, J. A. V.
    • de Souza Prado, D., Pereira Fernandes, J. L., Gomes de Oliveira, L., Farias Lima Guedes, T. J., da Silva Padilha, C. V. and dos Santos Lima, M.
    • Wan-Nadilah, W. A., Khozirah, S., Khatib, A., Hamid, A. A. and Hamid, M.
  1. Degradation kinetics of anthocyanins in blackberry pulp during ohmic and conventional heating
    • Sarkis, J. R., Jaeschke, D. P., Mercali, G. D., Tessaro, I. C. and Marczak, L. D. F.
  2. Improving the canolol amount and the yield of expressed canola oil applying combined pre-treatments
    • Cortese, C. M., Portela, G., Sánchez, R. J. and Fernández, M. B.
    • Taweerodjanakarn, S., Haertlé, T., Chobert, J.-M. and Hongpattarakere, T.
    • Ahmed, S., Hoque, M. M., Zzaman, W., Thakur, M. U. and Hossain, M. M.
    • Santoso, B., Pratama, F., Hamzah, B. and Pambayun, R.
    • Merouane, A., Saadi, A., Noui, A. and Bader, A.
    • Soultani, G., Sinanoglou, V. J., Stathopoulou, E., Rasmussen, R. R., Jacobsen, C., Komaitis, M. and Sloth, J. J.
    • Mulyani, S., Jenie, B. S. L., Kusumaningrum, H. D. and Arief, I. I.
    • Salihah, N.T., Hossain, M.M., Abdul Hamid, M.R.W. and Ahmed, M.U.
    • Pratama, Y., Abduh, S. B. M., Legowo, A. M. and Hintono, A.
  3. Proper model of thin layer drying curve for taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott) chips
    • Hawa, L. C., Ubaidillah, U. and Wibisono, Y.
    • Zubia, C. S. and Dizon, E. I.
    • Saludin, S. F., Kamarulzaman, N. H. and Ismail, M. M.
    • Lima, M. M., Vanier, N. L., Dias, A. R. G., Zavareze, E., Prentice, C. and Moreira, A. da S.
    • Sultan, S., Anjum, F.M., Butt, M.S., Khan, M.I., Iahtisham-Ul-Haq and Suleria, H. A. R.
    • Minantyo, H., Purnomo, H., Winarno, P.S. and Kartikawati, M.
    • Marta, H., Cahyana, Y., Arifin, H. R. and Khairani, L.
    • Saito, T., Martins-Madalão, M.C., Bernardes, P.C., Bosi, M.G., Della Lucia, S.M., Saraiva, S.H. and Ibrahim Silva, P.
    • Rasli, H. I., Sarbon, N. M.
  4. Shelf life extension of ambient-stored banana cake using banana powder
    • Samsudin, N.I.P., Roslan, N.A., Nor-Khaizura, M.A.R. and Hasan, H.
    • Bader Ul Ain, H., Saeed, F., Arshad, M.U., Ahmad, N., Niaz, B. and Tufail, T.
  5. Antidiabetic and antioxidants activities of Clinacanthus nutans (Burm F.) Lindau leaves extracts
    • Murugesu, S., Khatib, A., Ibrahim, Z., Ahmed, Q. U., Uzir, B. F., Nik-Yusoff, N. I., Perumal, V., Abas, F. and Saari, K.
  6. Assessing the suitability of flours from five pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum) varieties for bread production
    • Tortoe, C., Akonor, P. T., Hagan, L., Kanton, R. A. L., Asungre, P. A. and Ansoba, E. Y.
  7. Evaluation of the effects of single and dual hydrothermal treatments on the properties of Carioca bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) starch
    • Farias, F. O., Granza, A. G., Travalini, A. P., Oliveira, C. S. de, Schnitzler, E. and Demiate, I. M.
Short Communications
  1. Beta-carotene retention as retinol activity equivalent at different cooking and storage variants
    • Ghosh, S., Adak, K., Saha, P., Upadhyay, S., Ghosh, A., Das, P. and Chatterjee, A.