VOLUME 27 ISSUE 4, 2020

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International Food Research Journal Volume 27 Issue 4, 2020

  1. Cholinesterase-based biosensor for preliminary detection of toxic heavy metals in the environment and agricultural-based products
    • Sabullah, M. K., Khalidi, S. A. M., Abdullah, R., Sani, S. A., Gansau, J. A., Ahmad, S. A. and Shukor, M. Y.
Original articles
    • Minelko, M., Gunawan, A. G., Ali, S., Suwanto, A. and Yanti
    • Bakar, J., Abdul Kadir, N. S., Ahmad Mazlan, A. S. and Ismail-Fitry, M. R.
    • Vergara, L. P., Reissig, G. N., Franzon, R. C., Carvalho, I. R., Zambiazi, R. C., Rodrigues, R. S. and Chim, J. F.
    • Srivastava, Y. and Kaur, S.
  1. Understanding the heat stability and solubility of cocoa bean shell extract as antioxidant and antibacterial functional ingredients
    • Tamrin, Faradilla, R. H. F., Ibrahim, M. N., Rejeki, S., Ufrianto, Nurazizah and Cahyani, D. R.
  2. One-factor-at-a-time optimisation of the aqueous extraction of the peroxidase from fresh Amazonian cacao beans
    • Konagano, E. M. H., da Costa, H. S. C., de Souza, J. N. S. and Herman, C. A. N. P.
    • Lopak, S. S., Meryandini, A. and Sunarti, T. C.
    • Tolano-Villaverde, I. J., Santos-Sauceda, I., Santacruz-Ortega, H., Ramírez-Wong, B., Brown-Bojórquez, F., Suárez-Jiménez, G. M. and Márquez-Ríos, E.
    • Chen, H., Wang, J., Jiang, G., Guo, H., Liu, X. and Wang, L.
    • Suriwong, V., Jaturonglumlert, S., Varith, J., Narkprasom, K. and Nitatwichit, C.
    • Pradana, M., Huertas-García, R. and Marimon, F.
    • Wu, Y. F., Li, J., Deng, R. X., Lu, H. and Wang, X. S.
    • Cortés, F. M., Pérez, S. J. A., Servín, J. R., Morales, R. V.
    • Mousa, R. M. A.
  3. Antioxidant and antidiabetic properties of Phyllanthus acidus (L.) Skeels ethanolic seed extract
    • Chigurupati, S.