VOLUME 28 ISSUE 1, 2021

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International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 1, 2021

  1. Effects of nonthermal plasma on food safety and food quality attributes: a review
    • Liu, H., Ma, X., Guo, D., Feng, X., Xie, J. and He, C.
  2. Potential biochemical effects of honey in oral health care: a review
    • Qamar, Z., Alghonaim, M. F., Almohana, S. A., Almohana, A. A. and Zeeshan, T.
Original articles
    • Ibraheem, S., Idris, Y. M. A., Mustafa, S., Kabeir, B., Abas, F., Maulidiani, M. and Abdul Hamid, N.
    • Long, M., Tao, S.-K., Wang, X.-H., Wang, J.-Y., Hu, Y.-Y., Cai, H.-Z. and Zhan, G.
    • Nguyen, V. T., Dang, T. B. and Trinh, K. S.
    • Deshpande, V. K. and Walsh, M. K.
  1. Characterisation of nutritional, physiochemical, and mineral compositions of aril and seed of longan fruit (Dimocarpus longan L.)
    • Yang, E. Y., Han, Y. S. and Sim, K. H.
    • Nguyen, N. V. T., Nguyen, K. N. H., Dam, K. T. T., Vo, H. T. T., Nguyen, K. A. T. and Kim, K. H.
    • Gedikoğlu, A., Clarke, A. D., Lin, M. and Yılmaz, B.
    • Mabogo, F. A., Mashau, M. E. and Ramashia, S. E.
    • Can-Cauich, C. A., Sauri-Duch, E., Cuevas-Glory, L. F., Betancur-Ancona, D., Ortiz-Vázquez, E., Ríos-Soberanis, C. R., Chel-Guerrero, L., González-Aguilar, G. A. and Moo-Huchin, V. M.
    • Li, Y. H., Wang, J. G. and Liu C. J.
    • Yu, Z., Guo, H., Zhao, W., Zhang, M., Li, J. and Liu, J.
    • Mohd Joha, N. S., Misran, A., Mahmud, T. M. M., Abdullah, S. and Mohamad, A.
    • Naveed, R., Siddique, A. B., Hussain, I., Ulhaq, M., Aslam, B. and Mahmood, M. S.
  2. Determination of ethyl octanoate in Chinese liquor using FT-NIR spectroscopy
    • Liu, J., Dong, X., Han, S., Xie, A., Li, X., Li, P., Xu, B. and Luo, D.
  3. Reduction of enzymatic browning of fresh-cut Chinese yam (Dioscorea opposita) by UV-C treatment
    • Zhao, L., Zhao, X., Ma, Y., Zhang, Y. and Wang, D.