VOLUME 28 ISSUE 5, 2021

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International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 5, 2021


  1. Pimenta dioica: a review on its composition, phytochemistry, and applications in food technology
    • Jarquín-Enríquez, L., Ibarra-Torres, P., Jiménez-Islas, H. and Flores-Martínez, N. L.

Original articles

  1. Thai creamed honey: enthalpy of crystal melting and texture profile under different storage conditions
    • Suriwong, V., Jaturonglumlert, S., Varith, J., Narkprasom, K., Tanongkankit, Y., Nitatwichit, C. and Thaisamak, P.

  2. Quantitative and qualitative assessments of microbial contamination in some bottled and tap water with their drug resistant pattern
    • Razzak, S. B. A., Sweety, M. A., Lubna, M. A., Akter, T., Ahmmed, J., Hossaini, F., Uddin, S. H. M., Roy, T. S. and Acharjee, M.

  3. Assessment of betaine content in commercial cow and goat milk
    • Živković, J., Trutić, N., Sunarić, S., Živanović, S., Jovanović, T., Kocić, G. and Pavlović, R.

  4. Antifungal effect of acetogenins from avocado (Persea americana Mill.) seed against the fungus Botrytis cinerea
    • Echenique-Martínez, A. A., Rodríguez-Sánchez, D. G., Troncoso-Rojas R., Hernández-Brenes, C., Robles-Ozuna L. E. and Montoya-Ballesteros, L. C.