VOLUME 28 ISSUE 5, 2021

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International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 5, 2021

  1. Pimenta dioica: a review on its composition, phytochemistry, and applications in food technology
    • Jarquín-Enríquez, L., Ibarra-Torres, P., Jiménez-Islas, H. and Flores-Martínez, N. L.
Original articles
    • Ramle, N. A., Zulkurnain, M. and Ismail-Fitry, M. R.
    • Ismail, N. A., Bakar, J., Sazili, A. Q. and Ismail-Fitry, M. R.
    • Doğan, M.
    • Suriwong, V., Jaturonglumlert, S., Varith, J., Narkprasom, K., Tanongkankit, Y., Nitatwichit, C. and Thaisamak, P.
  1. Quantitative and qualitative assessments of microbial contamination in some bottled and tap water with their drug resistant pattern
    • Razzak, S. B. A., Sweety, M. A., Lubna, M. A., Akter, T., Ahmmed, J., Hossaini, F., Uddin, S. H. M., Roy, T. S. and Acharjee, M.
  2. Effect of oxidation on the structural and functional properties of myofibrillar in Coregonus peled
    • Deng, X. R., Lei, Y. D., Liu, J., Lu, S. L. and Zhang, J.
  3. Saccharification of unripe banana flour using microwave assisted starch degrading enzyme hydrolysis for development of wine and vinegar fermentations
    • Thongpoem, P., Chorum, M., Rittisorn, S., Saithong, P., Permpool, J., Kitpreechavanich, V. and Lomthong, T.
    • He, M. H., Hu, J. Q., Wu, Y. W. and Ouyang, J.
    • Zhang, L., Xu, J.-Y., Du, Y.-F., Wang, Z.-M., Li, J.-X., Ou-Yang, N., Wang, Y., Yin, X.-B. and Qin, L.-Q.
    • Xun, W., Wang, G. Y., Zhang, Y. J., Ge, C. R. and Liao, G. Z.
    • Gou, M. X., Zhang, Z., Liu, B. F., Qu, H. Y. and Liu, X. J.
    • Laksono, U. T., Suprihatin, Nurhayati, T. and Romli, M.
    • Baioumy, A. A., Bobreneva, I. V., Tvorogova, A. A. and Abedelmaksoud, T. G.
    • Živković, J., Trutić, N., Sunarić, S., Živanović, S., Jovanović, T., Kocić, G. and Pavlović, R.
    • Thompson, M. S., Dahari, S. I., Shamsuddin, M. S., Rashed, A. and Sarbini, S. R.
  4. Comparative study of molasses produced by traditional and industrial techniques from the viewpoint of furan derivatives, mutagenicity/antimutagenicity, and microbiological safety
    • Helvacıoğlu, S., Charehsaz, M., Özan, G., Güzelmeriç, E., Türköz-Acar, E., Sipahi, H., Ekinci, F. Y., Yeşilada, E. and Aydın, A.
  5. Antifungal effect of acetogenins from avocado (Persea americana Mill.) seed against the fungus Botrytis cinerea
    • Echenique-Martínez, A. A., Rodríguez-Sánchez, D. G., Troncoso-Rojas R., Hernández-Brenes, C., Robles-Ozuna L. E. and Montoya-Ballesteros, L. C.
  6. Physicochemical, nutritional, sensorial, and morphological properties of chicken frankfurters incorporated with selected vegetables
    • Mousavi, L., Mat Jusoh, A. and Wan Ishak, W. R.