VOLUME 30 ISSUE 1, 2023

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International Food Research Journal Volume 30 Issue 1, 2023

  1. Microbial consortia and up-to-date technologies in global soy sauce production: A review
    • Chong, S. Y., Ilham, Z., Samsudin, N. I. P., Soumaya, S. and Wan-Mohtar, W. A. A. Q. I. https://doi.org/10.47836/ifrj.30.1.01

  2. Food processing to reduce antinutrients in plant-based foods
    • Faizal, F. I., Ahmad, N. H., Yaacob, J. S., Abdul Halim‐Lim, S. and Abd Rahim, M. H. https://doi.org/10.47836/ifrj.30.1.02

  3. Potential technical parameters for the authentication of carrion meat (tiren): A review
    • Purwanto, E. H., Tampubolon, B. D., Anggundari, W. C., Dewantoro, A., Anggraeni, P. and Ayuningtyas, U.

  4. Dietary food antioxidants and their radical scavenging activity: A review
    • Haque, M. A., Khaliduzzaman, A., Asaduzzaman, M., Pattadar, S. N. and Hasan, M.

Original articles

  1. Phenolic acid profile of oat cultivars, and their suppressive effect on intracellular reactive oxygen species
    • Manzoor, M. S., Pasha, I., Younas, S., Zhu, M., Hussain, R., Arqam, U., Younis, N. and Chughtai, M. F. J.

  2. Antispasmodic and nephroprotective potentials of native Algerian propolis and bee pollen: An experimental study in mice
    • Ali Haimoud, S., Allem, R., Medjekane, M., Benyahla Djeffaland, K., Lembarki, N. E., Boutara, K. and Belhache, F.

  3. Biodegradation of aflatoxin B1 by Bacillus subtilis YGT1 isolated from yoghurt
    • Al-Mamari, A., Al-Sadi, A. M., Al-Harrasi, M. M. A., Sathish Babu, S. P., Al-Mahmooli, I. H. and Velazhahan, R.

  4. Optimisation of clarification process of glutinous rice tea wine, and its antioxidant activity
    • Wang, Q., Liu, K. Y., Zhang, Q., An, J. S., Xie, Z. Z., Chen, Z., Li, C. P., Zhang, J. H., Xu, B. and Li, R. Y.

  5. Production of yoghurt with Clitoria ternatea flower extract supplementation, and its stability during storage
    • Prastowo, I., Sundari, W., Hanifah, M. R., Octaviana, S., Ahda, M., Moro, H. K. E. P. and Narusman, A. A.

  6. Release of phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity by human colonic microbiota after in vitro fermentation of traditional white and blue maize tortillas
    • Astorga-Gaxiola, A. H., Reyes-Moreno, C., Milán-Carrillo, J., Jiménez-Edeza, M., Cuevas-Rodríguez, E. O., Castañeda-Ruelas, G. M. and Mora-Rochín, S.