VOLUME 30 ISSUE 6, 2023

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International Food Research Journal Volume 30 Issue 6, 2023


Original articles

  1. Development of functional nougat without diabetic effects in vivo
    • Ottombrino, A., Maurano, F., Montesano, E., Picariello, A., Oliviero, A. and Rossi, M.

  2. A 28-day subacute oral toxicity study of Apis cerana (Fabricius) honey in Wistar rats
    • Du, H. J., Zhang, P., Zheng, S., Nie, Y. M., Zhang, W. J., Feng, Y., Ning, J. Y., Li, G. J. and Gao, S.

  3. Microencapsulation of ciplukan (Physalis angulata L.) extract as food ingredients: Effect of water ratio and maltodextrin concentration variables on product characteristics
    • Iwansyah, A. C., Wardhani, R., Darsih, C., Kurniawan, T., Ariani, D., Andriana, Y., Karim, M. A., Indriati, A., Luthfiyanti, R. and Hamid, H. A.