VOLUME 31 ISSUE 1, 2024

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International Food Research Journal Volume 31 Issue 1, 2024


Original articles

  1. Anticipatory surveillance for detection of Escherichia coli from fresh fruits and vegetables using DuPont BAX System
    • Mohamed-Sharif, Y. H., Tayeb, B. A., Haji, S. S., Haji, H. S., Younis, P. J., Ibrahim, M. M., Rashid, M. J., Mustafa, N. A. and Haji, S. K.

  2. Effect of chitosan coating and drying on quality of Bombay duck (Harpodon nehereus)
    • Jeyakumari, A., Narasimha Murthy, L., Visnuvinayagam, S., Bindu, J. and Laly, S. J.

  3. Beneficial effects of sour pork fermented with a Lactobacillus plantarum strain on lowering blood lipids in mice
    • Xu, J. F., Zhang, Q., Fu, T. T., Zhang, J. Y., Cui, B. Y., Zhang, J. X., Wu, X. J. and Zhang, J. Z.