VOLUME 22,2015

International Food Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 1, 2015

Mini Review
  1. Collagen in food and beverage industries
    • Hashim, P., Mohd Ridzwan, M. S., Bakar, J. and Mat Hashim, D
  2. Caffeine in foods and its antimicrobial activity
    • Nonthakaew, A., Matan, Na., Aewsiri, T. and Matan, Ni
  3. Vacuum frying foods: products, process and optimization
    • Diamante, L.M., Shi, S., Hellmann, A. and Busch, J.
Original Articles
    • Cheah Yoke Kqueen, Tay Lee Wen, Aida Azrina Azmi, Son Radu, Yoshitsugu Nakaguchi and Mitsuaki Nishibuchi
    • Hosseinzadeh, S., Mardani, K., Aliakbarlu, J. and Ghorbanzadehghan, M.
    • Lee, S. T., Ariffin, A., Son, R. and Ghazali, H. M.
  1. The effect of temperature and relative humidity for Aspergillus flavus BIO 2237 growth and aflatoxin production on soybeans
    • Pratiwi, C., Rahayu, W. P., Lioe, H. N., Herawati, D., Broto, W. and Ambarwati, S.
    • Machado, A.R., Assis, L.M., Costa, J.A.V., Badiale-Furlong, E., Motta, A.S., Micheletto, Y.M.S. and Souza-Soares, L.A.
    • Avicor, M. N., Saalia, F. K., Djameh, C., Sinayobye, E. Mensah-Brown, H. and Essilfie, G.
    • Hossain, M. S., Fakhruddin, A. N. M., Alamgir Zaman Chowdhury, M., Rahman, M. A. and Khorshed Alam, M.
    • Elsedig, E. A. A., Mohd, M.I. and Fatimah, M. A.
    • Obayelu, O. A., Adeoti, A. I. and Akinlade, A. A.
    • Khan, M. R. T., Chamhuri, S. and Farah, H. S.
    • Balasubramanian, S., Jincy, M. G., Ramanathan, M., Chandra, P. and Deshpande, S. D.
    • Pizato, S., Cortez-Vega, W. R. and Prentice, C.
    • Geetha Panneerselvam, Ida Idayu Muhamad and Periyar Selvam Sellamuthu
    • Pizato, S., Borges, J. A., Martins, V. G., Prentice, C. and Cortez-Vega, W. R
    • Tanushree Maity and Raju, P. S.
    • Tongtao, S., Srilaong, V., Kanlayanarat, S., Noichinda, S., Bodhipadma, K., Khumjareon, S. and Leung, D.W.M.
    • Shaiq Ahmad Ganai, Ahsan, H., Wani, I. A., Lone, A. A., Mir, S. A. and Wani, S. M.
    • Castillo-Israel, K.A.T., Baguio, S.F., Diasanta, M.D.B., Lizardo, R.C.M., Dizon, E.I. and Mejico, M.I.F.
    • Fatariah, Z., Tengku Zulkhairuazha, T. Y. and Wan Rosli, W. I.
    • Amiza, M. A., Wan Maizatul Shima, W. M., Nor Hayati, I. and Nizaha Juhaida, M.
    • Purwayantie, S., Santoso, U., Supriyadi, Gardjito, M. and Susanto, H.
    • Temdee, W. and Benjakul, S.
  2. Optimisation of sterilisation process for oil palm fresh fruit bunch at different ripeness
    • Junaidah, M. J., Norizzah, A. R., Zaliha, O. and Mohamad, S.
  3. Emulsified cooked sausages enriched with flour from ora-pro-nobis leaves (Pereskia aculeata Miller)
    • Sobrinho, S. S., Costa, L. L., Gonçalves, C. A. A. and Campagnol, P. C. B.
  4. Nutritional and antinutritional properties of the leaf of Ardisia solanacea Roxb. (Myrsinaceae), a fodder additive
    • Pratap Chandran, R., Manju, S., Vysakhi, M.V., Shaji, P. K. and Achuthan Nair, G.
  5. Biological evaluation of casein and Spirulina in rats and these protein sources encapsulation in liposomes
    • Machado, A. R., Assis, L. M., Machado, M. R. G. and Souza-Soares, L.A.
  6. A study of the ethyl carbamate level in cachaça samples
    • Chreem, D. R., Riachi, L. G., Moreira, R. F. A. and De Maria, C. A. B.
  7. Effect of heat treatment on the properties of surimi gel from black mouth croaker (Atrobucca nibe)
    • Hosseini-Shekarabi, S. P., Hosseini, S. E., Soltani, M., Kamali, A. and Valinassab, T.
  8. Thin layer hot air drying of bael (Aegle marmelos) fruit pulp
    • Anurag Singh, Harish Kumar Sharma, Navneet Kumar, Upadhyay, A. and Mishra, K. P.
Short Communication
    • Lau, K.Y. and Rukayadi, Y.

International Food Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 2, 2015

Mini Review
  1. Heavy metal biomarker: Fish behavior, cellular alteration, enzymatic reaction and proteomics approaches
    • Sabullah, M. K., Ahmad, S. A., Shukor, M. Y., Gansau, A. J., Syed, M. A., Sulaiman, M. R. and Shamaan, N. A.
Original Articles
    • Mukhopadhyay, S., Mishra, H. N., Goswami, T. K. and Majumdar, G. C.
    • Gazor, H.R. and Roustapour, O. R.
    • Daramola, B.
    • Sadik, J. A.
    • Faiza, S., Shyamala, B. N., Oghbaei, M. and Prakash, J.
    • Manjula, K., Bhagath, Y.B. and Kusuma Nagalakshmi
    • Patana-anake, P. and Barringer, S.
    • Nurul, A. G. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Rasli, H. I. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Junka, N., Wongs-Aree, C., Rattanamechaiskul, C., Kanlayanarat, S., Boonyaritthongchai, P. and Prom-u-thai, C.T.
    • Asmaa, A. A., Zzaman, W. and Tajul, A. Y.
    • Rojas-Nery, E., García-Martínez, I. and Totosaus, A.
    • Rahman, M.M., Das, R., Hoque, M.M. and Zzaman, W.
    • Sripakdee, T., Sriwicha, A., Jansam, N., Mahachai, R. and Chanthai, S.
    • Tan, T. C., Cheng, L. H., Bhat, R., Rusul, G. and Easa, A. M.
    • Wongsen, W., Bodhipadma, K., Noichinda, S. and Leung, D. W. M.
    • Daramola, B.
    • Razali, A. N., Sarbon, N. M. and Amin, A. M.
    • Lusia Barek, M., Hasmadi, M., Zaleha, A.Z and Mohd Fadzelly, A. B
    • Sari, P., Setiawan, A. and Siswoyo, T. A.
  1. Physicochemical properties of sweet potato cookies fortified with some nutrients
    • Herawati, D., Simanjuntak, F., Syamsir, E., Lioe, H. N. and Briawan, D.
    • Rosa, C. S., Prestes, R. C., Tessele, K. and Crauss, M.
  2. Physicochemical properties of tamarind and pineapple fruit pulps and powders
    • Taufiq, A. M., Yusof, Y. A., Chin, N. L., Siti, H. O., Serikbaeva, A. and Aziz, M. G.
  3. Physical and sensory qualities of composite wheat-pumpkin flour bread with addition of hydrocolloids
    • Wongsagonsup, R., Kittisuban, P., Yaowalak, A. and Suphantharika, M.
  4. Nutrient content in selected commercial rice in Malaysia: An update of Malaysian food composition database
    • Mohd Fairulnizal, M.N., Norhayati, M.K., Zaiton, A., Norliza, A.H., Rusidah, S., Aswir, A.R., Suraiami, M., Mohd Naeem, M.N., Jo-Lyn, A., Mohd Azerulazree, J., Vimala, B. and Mohd Zainuldin, T.
  5. General and biochemical composition of caviar from Sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus) farmed in Korea fruit
    • Park, K.S., Kang, K.H., Bae, E.Y., Baek, K.A., Shin, M.H., Kim, D.U., Kang, H.K., Kim, K.J., Choi, Y.J. and Im, J.S.
  6. Nutritional potential of nine underexploited legumes in Southwest Nigeria
    • Ade-Omowaye, B.I.O., Tucker, G.A. and Smetanska, I.
  7. Macroalgal biomass as an additional ingredient of bread
    • Menezes, B.S., Coelho, M.S., Meza, S.L.R., Salas-Mellado, M. and Souza, M.R.A.Z.
  8. Detection of butter adulteration with lard using differential scanning calorimetry
    • Nurrulhidayah, A.F., Arieff, S.R., Rohman, A., Amin, I., Shuhaimi, M. and Khatib, A.
  9. Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of some local fruits of Bangladesh
    • Rahman, M. M., Ali, M. Y., Mondal, S.I. and Hoque, M. M.
Short Communication
    • Kaba, N., Corapci, B. and Eryasar, K.
    • Raghu, H. S. and Rajeshwara, N. A.

International Food Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 3, 2015

Mini Review
  1. A review on application of hydrocolloids in meat and poultry products
    • Amini Sarteshnizi, R., Hosseini, H., Mousavi Khaneghah, A. and Karimi, N.
  2. An overview of foodborne illness and food safety in Malaysia
    • Abdul-Mutalib, N.A. Syafinaz, A.N., Sakai, K. and Shirai, Y.
Original Articles
    • Zakaria, M.P.M, Abas, F. and Rukayadi, Y.
    • Relox, P.E. Jr,, Castillo-Israel, K.A.T., Serrano, E.P., Absulio, W.L. and Gandia, J.B.L.
    • Stefanello, R., Londero, P.M.G., Muniz, M.F.B., Alves, J.S. and Fischer, L.
  1. Study of ripe Rhizophora mucronata fruit flour as functional food for antidiabetic
    • Hardoko, Suprayitno, E., Puspitasari, Y.E. and Amalia, R.
    • Chiwona-Karltun, L., Afoakwa, E. O., Nyirenda, D., Mwansa, C, N., Kongor, E. J. and Brimer, L.
    • Santos, C. B. G, Oliveira, A.P., Martins, D.L., Oliveira, J. C., Pedro, F. G. G. and Villa, R. D.
    • Ladjal Ettoumi, Y. and Chibane, M.
    • Gaur, S. and Miller, D.D.
    • Imamoglu, H., Coggins, P.C. and Rowe, D. E.
    • Alimi, B. A., Shittu, T. A. and Sanni, L. O.
    • Rafi, N.M., Sarbon, N. M., Halim, N.R.A. and Amin, A.M.
    • Sharif, H. A., Rasha, A. A.E. and Ramia, Z. Al-B.
    • Medeiros, A. C., Souza, D. F. and Correia, R. T. P.
    • Kamal, R. M. and Bayoumi, M. A.
    • Lim, L.B.L., Priyantha, N., Lai, M.H.F., Salleha, R.M. and Zehra, T.
    • Normah, I. and Muhammmad Fahmi, I.
    • Freitas, I. R., Cortez-Veja, W. R. and Prentice, C.
    • Abedin, M. Z., Karim, A. A., Gan, C.Y., Ghazali, F. C., Barzideh, Z., Zzaman, W. and Zaidul, I. S. M.
    • Abbas, E. M. and Hrachya, G. H.
    • Purwaningsih, S., Suseno, S.H., Salamah, E., Mulyaningtyas, J.R. and Dewi, Y.P.
    • Chuaynukul, K., Prodpran, T. and Benjakul, S.
  2. Physico-chemical and functional properties of Rainbow trout fish protein
    • Lone, D. A., Wani, N. A., Wani, I. A. and Masoodi, F. A.
    • Roslan, J., Mustapa Kamal, S. M., Md. Yunos, K. F. and Abdullah, N./li>
  3. Use of flaxseeds in the flour confectionery
    • Alexeev, G.V., Krasilnikov, V. N., Kireeva, M. S. and Egoshina, E.V.
  4. Effects of extracting conditions on phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity from different grape processing byproducts
    • Samavardhana, K., Supawititpattana, P., Jittrepotch, N., Rojsuntornkitti, K. and Kongbangkerd, T.
  5. Antioxidant activity of date (Phoenix dactylifera var. Khalas) seed and its preventive effect on lipid oxidation in model system
    • Maqsood, S., Kittiphattanabawon, P., Benjakul, S., Sumpavapol, P. and Abushelaibi, A.
  6. Effect of extract of chia seed (Salvia hispanica) as an antioxidant in fresh pork sausage
    • Scapin, G., Schimdt, M. M., Prestes, R. C., Ferreira, S., Silva, A. F. C. and da Rosa, C. S.
  7. Modeling for drying kinetics of papaya fruit using fuzzy logic table look-up scheme
    • Khodabakhsh Aghdam, S.H., Yousefi, A. R., Mohebbi, M., Razavi, S.M.A., Orooji, A. and Akbarzadeh-Totonchi, M. R.
  8. Recent advances on the fungi of Pu-erh ripe tea
    • Zhao, Z. J., Hu, X. C. and Liu, Q. J.
  9. Biomass production by Yarrowia lipolytica as a source of lipids: bench scale cultivation on raw glycerol-based medium )
    • Machado Junior, F. R. S., Michelon, M., Dalcanton, F., Furlong, E. B., Burkert, J. F. M. and Burkert, C. A. V.
  10. Effect of fermenting cassava with Lactobacillus plantarum, Saccharomyces cereviseae, and Rhizopus oryzae on the chemical composition of their flour
    • Gunawan, S., Widjaja, T., Zullaikah, S., Ernawati, L., Istianah, N., Aparamarta, H.W. and Prasetyoko, D.
  11. Influence of the addition of pollen and brewer's yeast on growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in honey-must
    • Kempka, A.P., Frühauf, M., Pagliarini, M.A., Matiello, J.A., Fachinello, F. and Prestes, R.C.
  12. Evaluation of antidiabetic properties of Momordica charantia in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats using metabolomics approach
    • Perumal, V., Khoo, W. C., Abdul-Hamid, A., Ismail, A., Saari, K., Murugesu, S., Abas, F., Ismail, I. S., Lajis, N. H., Mushtaq, M. Y. and Khatib, A.
    • Seham, S. K., Magda, S. M. and Madiha, M. A.
Short Communication
    • Montanhini, M.T.M., Montanhini Neto, R. and Bersot, L.S.

International Food Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 4, 2015

Original Articles
    • Faridah Hanim, S., Azrina, A., Khoo, H. E. and Amin, I.
    • Selvamuthukumaran, M. and Farhath, K.
    • Sari, K.R.P., Sudarsono and Nugroho, A.E.
  1. In vitro analysis of antioxidant capacity of Indian yellow raspberry (Rubus ellipticus Smith.)
    • Sasikumar, J. M., Poulin, R. C., Meseret, C. E. and Selvakumar, P
  2. Achillea millefolium L. – phytochemical profile and in vitro antioxidant activity
    • Georgieva, L., Gadjalova, A., Mihaylova, D. and Pavlov, A.
  3. Physico-chemical characterization of lesser known Palo (Curcuma leucorrhiza) starch
    • Hansdah, R., Prabhakar, P. K., Srivastav P. P. and Mishra, H. N.
  4. Physico-chemical and cooking characteristics of Azad basmati
    • Verma, D. K., Mohan, M., Prabhakar, P. K. and Srivastav, P. P.
  5. Physicochemical properties of palm oil and palm kernel oil blend fractions after interesterification
    • Norizzah, A. R., Norsyamimi, M., Zaliha, O., Nur Azimah, K. and Siti Hazirah, M. F.
    • Chiwona-Karltun, L., Afoakwa, E. O., Nyirenda, D., Mwansa, C, N., Kongor, E. J. and Brimer, L.
    • Ogbonna, A. C., Abuajah, C. I. and Hart, E. B
    • Klinhom, P., Klinhom, J., Senapa, J. and Methawiwat, S.
    • Singh, U.S. and Mishra, U.S.
    • Nath, P. P., Sarkar, K., Tarafder, P., Mondal, M., Das, K. and Paul, G.
    • Khai, N.X., Kusairi, M. N., Ahmad, S., Syahaneem, M. Z. and Fatimah, M. A.
    • Joshi, R., Bhatta, R., Paudel P. N. and Kafle, B. K.
    • Ibrahim, A. H. and Khalifa, S. A.
    • Giriprasad, R., Sharma, B.D., Kandeepan, G., Mishra, B.P. and Yasothai, R.
    • Pongsetkul, J., Benjakul, S., Sampavapol, P., Osako, K. and Faithong, N.
    • Sriket, P. and Sriket, C. and Nalinanon, S.
    • Mohd Rosni, S., Fisal, A., Azwan, A., Chye, F.Y. and Matanjun, P.
    • Azrina, A., Abd Aziz, N., Khoo, H. E., Amin, I., Al-Sheraji, S. H. and Muhammad Rizal, R.
    • Vichasilp, C. and Kawano, S.
    • Herdiana, D.S.
    • Herdiana, D.S.
    • Sibt-e-Abbas, M., Butt, M. S., Sultan, M. T., Sharif, M. K., Ahmad, A. N. and Batool, R.
  6. Extraction of pectin from pomelo (Citrus maxima) peels with the assistance of microwave and tartaric acid
    • Quoc, L.P.T., Huyen, V.T.N., Hue, L.T.N., Hue, N.T.H., Thuan, N.H.D., Tam, N.T.T., Thuan, N.N. and Duy, T.H.
  7. Traditional dried starter culture (Medombae) for rice liquor production in Cambodia
    • Chim, C., Erlinda, I. D., , Elegado, F. B., Hurtada, A. W., Chakrya N. and Raymundo, C. L.
  8. .Optimization of vanillin production using isoeugenol as substrate by Aspergillus niger I-1472
    • Tan, M.C., Liew, S.L., Maskat, M.Y., Wan Aida, W.M. and Osman, H.
    • Vincent, M., Chan, C. S. W. and Apun, K.
    • Kuan, C.H., Goh, S.G., Loo, Y.Y., Chang, W.S., Lye, Y.L., Puspanadan, S., Shahril, N., Tang, J.Y.H., Mahyudin, N. A., Nishibuchi, M., Nakaguchi, Y. and Son, R.
    • Darwish, W. S., Hussein, M. A., El-Desoky, K. I., Ikenaka, Y., Nakayama, S. Mizukawa, H. and Ishizuka, M.
    • Shafiq, A., Haque, A.K.M. and Omar, A.
Short Communication
    • Russo, R. and Reggiani, R.

International Food Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 5, 2015

Mini Review
  1. Allergens derived from shrimp
    • Mary Margaret, P.D.S., Jinap, S. and Ahmad Faizal, A.R.
Original Articles
    • Najwa, M.S., Rukayadi, Y., Ubong, A., Loo, Y.Y., Chang, W.S., Lye, Y.L., Thung, T.Y, Aimi, S.A., Malcomn, T.T.H, Goh, S.G., Kuan, C.H., Yoshitsugu, N., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
    • Sylvester, W. S., Son, R., Liew, K. F. and Rukayadi, Y.
    • Dos Santos, R., Pimenta-Freire, G. and Dias-Souza, M.V.
  1. Candida sp. as a starter culture for cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) beans fermentation
    • Mahazar, N. H., Sufian, N. F., Meor Hussin, A. S., Norhayati, H., Mathawan, M. and Rukayadi, Y.
  2. Lack of evidence so far for Noroviruses in food samples collected on cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean waters
    • Costanzo, N., Santoro, A. M. L., Peretti, V., Proroga, Y. T. R. and Sarno, E.
  3. Prevalence of foodborne pathogens in meat samples in Palestine
    • Adwan, G. M., Alqarem, B. R. and Adwan, K. M.
    • Nema, N., Alamir, L. and Mohammad, M.
    • Yusoff, N. A. H., Sanuan, F. M. and Rukayadi, Y.
    • Mohd. Firdaus Siau, A., Son, R., Mohhiddin, O., Toh, P.S. and Chai, L.C.
    • Nur Atiqah, A., Norazmir, M.N, Khairil Anuar, M.I., Mohd Fahmi, M. and Norazlanshah, H.
    • Kuan, C.H., Ahmad, S. H., Son, R., Yap, E. S. P., Zamri, M. Z., Shukor, N. I. A., Tajidin, N. E. and Bunga Raya, K.
    • Chung, B. H. and Tan, J. R.
    • Kim, R., Chao, Y. and Yoon, D.H.
    • Norrakiah, A.S., Shahrul Azim, M.G., Sahilah, A.M. and Abdul Salam, B.
    • Mousavi Khaneghah, A., Shoeibi, Sh., Limbo, S., Hosseini, H. and Akbarirad, H.
    • Seifi, S., Araghi, A., Sayrafi, R. and Salehi, A.
    • Nyam, K.L., Tan, C.H. and Long, K.
    • Adel, Y. G., Shaker, M. A. and Mounir, M. E.
    • Bagher Hashemi, S. M., Mousavi Khaneghah, A. and Akbarirad, H.
    • Nithyalakshmi, V. and Preetha, R.
    • Adel, A. A. M., Awad, A. M., Mohamed, H. H. and Iryna, S.
    • Shete, C. C., Wadkar, S. S., Gaikwad, N. B., Patil, K. S. and Ghosh, J. S.
    • Ulyatu, F., Pudji, H., Tyas, U. and Umar, S.
    • Chansuwan, C. and Chinachoti, P.
  4. Antioxidant activity of red algae Kappaphycus alvarezii and Kappaphycus striatum
    • Farah Diyana, A., Abdullah, A., Shahrul Hisham, Z. A. and Chan, K. M.
  5. Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of extracts of pequi peel (Caryocar brasiliense Camb.)
    • Monteiro, S.S., da Silva, R.R., da S. Martins, S.C., Barin, J. S. and da Rosa, C. S.
  6. A study on quality criteria of commercial stuffed pasta (mantı), as traditional food
    • Gökmen, S., Aydın, M.F., Kocabaş, A., Sayaslan, A., Yetim, H. and Çağlar, A.
  7. Development of a rice incorporated synbiotic yogurt with low retrogradation properties
    • Kumari, A. G. I. P. Ranadheera, C. S., Prasanna, P. H. P., Senevirathne, N. D. and Vidanarachchi, J. K.
  8. Development of functional beef meatball using landrace common bean flour as a substitute for meat and textured soy protein
    • Patrícia, M.G.L., Rosa, C.P., Sivane, S.R., Ernesto, H.K., Gilberti, H.H, Camila, G. da S., Luiza, F. and Jamila, dos S.A.
  9. Qualitative and quantitative changes of fried fish steaks and fish steak curry of catla (Catla catla) during frozen storage
    • Lakshman, M., Devivaraprasad Reddy, A., Khuntia, B.K., Udgata, S.K. and Rath, R.K.
  10. Effects of fish species on the characteristics of fish cracker
    • Kaewmanee, T., Karrila, T.T. and Benjakul, S.
  11. Changes in nutritional composition of skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) due to frying process
    • Nurjanah, Suseno, S.H., Hidayat, T., Paramudhita, P.S., Ekawati, Y. and Arifianto, T.B.
  12. . Effect of substituting of cocoa powder for carob flour in cakes made with soy and banana flours
    • Rosa, C.S., Tessele, K., Prestes, R.C., Silveira, M. and Franco, F
  13. Stability study of an aqueous formulation of the Annatto dye
    • Gallardo-Cabrera, C. and Rojas-Barahona, A.
  14. Effect of Hom Nil rice flour moisture content, barrel temperature and screw speed of a single screw extruder on snack properties
    • Sangnark, A., Limroongreungrat, K., Yuenyongputtakal, W., Ruengdech, A. and Siripatrawan, U.
  15. Kinetics of osmotic dehydration of orange slices using healthy sweeteners
    • Rubio-Arraez, S., Capella, J.V., Ortolá M.D. and Castelló, M.L.
    • Adenipekun, C.O., Lawal, R. and Isikhuemhen, O .S.
Short Communication
    • Fujisawa, T., Ohashi, Y. and Yoshida, T.

International Food Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 6, 2015

Mini Review
Original Articles
    • Khalifa, S. A. and Wahdan, K. M.
    • Olaoye, O. A.
    • Soe Win, Mejunpet, N., Buanong, M., Kanlayanarat, S. and Wongs-Aree, C.
  1. Effect of calcium chloride treatment on post harvest quality of peach fruit during cold storage
    • MSohail, M., Ayub, M., Khalil, S, A., Zeb, A., Ullah, F., Afridi, S. R. and Ullah, R.
  2. Edible films from seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii)
    • Siah, W.M., Aminah, A. and Ishak, A.
    • Mariyani, N., Lioe, H. N., Faridah, D. N., Khusniati, T. and Sulistiani
    • Yusoff, N. A. H., Sanuan, F. M. and Rukayadi, Y.
    • Das, S. and De, B.
    • Normah, I., and Nur-Hani Suryati, M.Z.
    • Soison, B., Jangchud, K., Jangchud, A., Harnsilawat, T. and Piyachomkwan, K.
    • Aberoumand, A. and M. Karimi reza abad
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