VOLUME 22 ISSUE 3, 2015

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International Food Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 3, 2015

Mini Review
  1. A review on application of hydrocolloids in meat and poultry products
    • Amini Sarteshnizi, R., Hosseini, H., Mousavi Khaneghah, A. and Karimi, N.
  2. An overview of foodborne illness and food safety in Malaysia
    • Abdul-Mutalib, N.A. Syafinaz, A.N., Sakai, K. and Shirai, Y.
Original Articles
    • Zakaria, M.P.M, Abas, F. and Rukayadi, Y.
    • Relox, P.E. Jr,, Castillo-Israel, K.A.T., Serrano, E.P., Absulio, W.L. and Gandia, J.B.L.
    • Stefanello, R., Londero, P.M.G., Muniz, M.F.B., Alves, J.S. and Fischer, L.
  1. Study of ripe Rhizophora mucronata fruit flour as functional food for antidiabetic
    • Hardoko, Suprayitno, E., Puspitasari, Y.E. and Amalia, R.
    • Chiwona-Karltun, L., Afoakwa, E. O., Nyirenda, D., Mwansa, C, N., Kongor, E. J. and Brimer, L.
    • Santos, C. B. G, Oliveira, A.P., Martins, D.L., Oliveira, J. C., Pedro, F. G. G. and Villa, R. D.
    • Ladjal Ettoumi, Y. and Chibane, M.
    • Gaur, S. and Miller, D.D.
    • Imamoglu, H., Coggins, P.C. and Rowe, D. E.
    • Alimi, B. A., Shittu, T. A. and Sanni, L. O.
    • Rafi, N.M., Sarbon, N. M., Halim, N.R.A. and Amin, A.M.
    • Sharif, H. A., Rasha, A. A.E. and Ramia, Z. Al-B.
    • Medeiros, A. C., Souza, D. F. and Correia, R. T. P.
    • Kamal, R. M. and Bayoumi, M. A.
    • Lim, L.B.L., Priyantha, N., Lai, M.H.F., Salleha, R.M. and Zehra, T.
    • Normah, I. and Muhammmad Fahmi, I.
    • Freitas, I. R., Cortez-Veja, W. R. and Prentice, C.
    • Abedin, M. Z., Karim, A. A., Gan, C.Y., Ghazali, F. C., Barzideh, Z., Zzaman, W. and Zaidul, I. S. M.
    • Abbas, E. M. and Hrachya, G. H.
    • Purwaningsih, S., Suseno, S.H., Salamah, E., Mulyaningtyas, J.R. and Dewi, Y.P.
    • Chuaynukul, K., Prodpran, T. and Benjakul, S.
  2. Physico-chemical and functional properties of Rainbow trout fish protein
    • Lone, D. A., Wani, N. A., Wani, I. A. and Masoodi, F. A.
    • Roslan, J., Mustapa Kamal, S. M., Md. Yunos, K. F. and Abdullah, N./li>
  3. Use of flaxseeds in the flour confectionery
    • Alexeev, G.V., Krasilnikov, V. N., Kireeva, M. S. and Egoshina, E.V.
  4. Effects of extracting conditions on phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity from different grape processing byproducts
    • Samavardhana, K., Supawititpattana, P., Jittrepotch, N., Rojsuntornkitti, K. and Kongbangkerd, T.
  5. Antioxidant activity of date (Phoenix dactylifera var. Khalas) seed and its preventive effect on lipid oxidation in model system
    • Maqsood, S., Kittiphattanabawon, P., Benjakul, S., Sumpavapol, P. and Abushelaibi, A.
  6. Effect of extract of chia seed (Salvia hispanica) as an antioxidant in fresh pork sausage
    • Scapin, G., Schimdt, M. M., Prestes, R. C., Ferreira, S., Silva, A. F. C. and da Rosa, C. S.
  7. Modeling for drying kinetics of papaya fruit using fuzzy logic table look-up scheme
    • Khodabakhsh Aghdam, S.H., Yousefi, A. R., Mohebbi, M., Razavi, S.M.A., Orooji, A. and Akbarzadeh-Totonchi, M. R.
  8. Recent advances on the fungi of Pu-erh ripe tea
    • Zhao, Z. J., Hu, X. C. and Liu, Q. J.
  9. Biomass production by Yarrowia lipolytica as a source of lipids: bench scale cultivation on raw glycerol-based medium )
    • Machado Junior, F. R. S., Michelon, M., Dalcanton, F., Furlong, E. B., Burkert, J. F. M. and Burkert, C. A. V.
  10. Effect of fermenting cassava with Lactobacillus plantarum, Saccharomyces cereviseae, and Rhizopus oryzae on the chemical composition of their flour
    • Gunawan, S., Widjaja, T., Zullaikah, S., Ernawati, L., Istianah, N., Aparamarta, H.W. and Prasetyoko, D.
  11. Influence of the addition of pollen and brewer's yeast on growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in honey-must
    • Kempka, A.P., Frühauf, M., Pagliarini, M.A., Matiello, J.A., Fachinello, F. and Prestes, R.C.
  12. Evaluation of antidiabetic properties of Momordica charantia in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats using metabolomics approach
    • Perumal, V., Khoo, W. C., Abdul-Hamid, A., Ismail, A., Saari, K., Murugesu, S., Abas, F., Ismail, I. S., Lajis, N. H., Mushtaq, M. Y. and Khatib, A.
    • Seham, S. K., Magda, S. M. and Madiha, M. A.
Short Communication
    • Montanhini, M.T.M., Montanhini Neto, R. and Bersot, L.S.