VOLUME 26 ISSUE 2, 2019

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International Food Research Journal Volume 26 Issue 2, 2019

  1. A review: Production and postharvest management of Volvariella volvacea
    • Nur Sakinah, M. J., Misran, A., Mahmud, T. M. M. and Abdullah, S.
Original articles
    • Méndez, E. K., Orrego, C. E. and Giraldo, G. I.
    • Hecer, C., Ulusoy, B. and Kaynarca, D.
    • Belan, D. L., Mopera, L. E. and Flores, F. P.
    • Huh, H.-J., Shin, W.-K. and Kim, Y.
  1. Effects of sugar sources and fermentation time on the properties of tea fungus (kombucha) beverage
    • Muhialdin, B. J., Osman, F. A., Muhamad, R., Che Wan Sapawi, C. W. N. S., Anzian, A., Voon, W. W. Y. and Meor Hussin, A. S.
    • Jirasatid, S., Limroongreungrat, K., Chaikham, P. and Nopharatana, M.
    • Ee, S. C., Saari, N., Abas, F., Ismail, A., Abu Bakar, M. K. and Bakar, J.
    • Rachmadhani, Warisman, M. A., Suryani and Desriani
    • Mohd Jaih, A. A., Abdul Rahman, R., Abdull Razis, A. F., Ariffin, A. A., Al-Awaadh, A. and Suleiman, N.
    • Aryanti, N., Nafiunisa, A. and Wardhani, D. H.
    • Sari, A. R., Rahman, R. A., Shukri, R. and Norhayati, H.
    • Koh, P. C., Noranizan, M. A., Karim, R., Nur Hanani, Z. A., Rosli, S. Z. and Hambali, N. H.
    • Irondi, A. E., Olawuyi, A. D., Lawal, B. S., Boligon, A. A., Olasupo, F. and Olalekan, S. I.
  2. Chemical characterization, bioactive compounds, and functional technological properties of flour from two cultivars of landrace common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
    • Alves, J. S., Rodrigues, A. S., Moro, K. I. B., Boeira, C. P., Londero, P. M. G. and Rosa, C. S.
    • Sen, C. and Das, M
    • Sengsaengthong, S. and Oonsivilai, R.
    • Paul, S., Kulkarni, S. and Rao, K. J.
    • Lima, E. M. F., Madalão, M. C. M., Benincá, D. B., Saraiva, S. H. and Silva, P. I.
    • Veloso, R. R., dos Anjos, B. W., Maciel, M. I. S., Shinohara, N. K. S., Andrade, H. A. and Oliveira Filho, P. R. C.
    • İlyasoğlu, H. and Yilmaz, F.
    • Hung, C.-C., Weng, Y.-M., Yu, Z.-R. and Wang, B.-J.
    • Murtiningrum, Sarungallo, Z. L., Roreng, M. K., Santoso, B. and Armiati
  3. Sensorial, functional, optical and thermal properties of inulin enriched expanded products
    • Katsavou, I. D., Tsokolar-Tsikopoulos, K. C., Eleni, P. N. and Krokida, M. K.
    • Lee, S. Y., Ismail, I. S., Ang, E. L. and Abas, F.
  4. Bifidobacterium lactis HN019: survival, acid production and impact on sensory acceptance of fermented milk
    • Henrique-Bana, F. C., Macedo Jr, F., Oliveira, L. G. S., Takihara, A. M., Miglioranza, L. H. S., Spinosa, W. A. and Costa, G. N.
Short Communication