VOLUME 28 ISSUE 2, 2021

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International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 2, 2021

  1. Mycotoxins in foods, from the field to the plate: a review
    • Barajas-Ramirez, J. A., Moncada-Abaunza, D. A. and Gómez-Espinoza, M. G.
Original articles
    • Hung, Y. C., Hsiao, Y. H. and Hsieh, J. F.
    • Mahfudh, N., Hadi, A. and Solechan, R. A. Z.
    • Ourailoglou, D., Athanasiadis, V., Bozinou, E., Salakidou, C., Evmorfopoulos, E. and Lalas, S.
    • Gökmen, M., Tavşanli, H. and Önen, A.
  1. The survival investigation of sonicated soy sauce fermentation yeast strains using a spectrophotometer
    • Goh, K. M., Lai, O. M., Abas, F., Nyam, K. L. and Tan, C. P.
  2. Determination of antimicrobial, pH, bile salt, and gastric juice tolerance properties of Lactobacilli isolated from human milk
    • Abbas, A., Kanwar, K., Aslam, B., Bilal, M., Yaseen, K., Ali, A., Qayyum, F. and Zafar, N.
    • Ansar, S., Alkhudhayr, B. M. A., Alsubki, R., Tabassum, H., Ali, M. N., Alnajran, H. A. and Abudawood, M.
    • Sardiñas-Valdés, M., Hernández-Becerra, J. A., García, H. S., Chay-Canul, A. J., Velázquez-Martínez, J. R. and Ochoa-Flores, A. A.
    • Budiarso, T. Y., Prihatmo, G., Restiani, R., Pakpahan, S. and Puteri, Y.
    • Diaz-Canul, C., Coop-Gamas, F. Y., Ávila-Escalante, M. L., Betancur-Ancona, D. A. and Aranda-González, I. I.
    • Kabir, M. S. N., Ali, M., Lee, W. H., Cho, S. I. and Chung, S. O.
    • Tomczyk, Ł., Szablewski, T., Stuper-Szablewska, K., Biadała A., Konieczny, P., Nowczewski, S. and Cegielska-Radziejewska, R.
    • Lasano, N. F., Ramli, N. S., Abdul Hamid, A., Karim, R., Pak Dek, M. S. and Abas, F.
    • Hammad, K., Elsayed, N. and Elkashef, H.
  3. Optimisation of the dielectric barrier discharge to produce Riceberry rice flour retained with high activities of bioactive compounds using plasma technology
    • Settapramote, N., Laokuldilok, T., Boonyawan, D. and Utama-ang, N.
  4. Antibacterial activity of black cumin, clove, and ginger essential oils against specific spoilage organisms of ready-to-eat chilli shrimp paste
    • Chan, M. T., Nor-Khaizura, M. A. R., Mahyudin, N. A., Jamaludin, N. S., Mohd Khairul, N. S. A. and Yahya, U. I. I.
  5. Biofunctional characteristics of banana peel dietary fibre (BPDF) and its associated in vitro antidiabetic properties
    • Zaidan, U. H., Ghani, N. L. A., Zahari, N. S., Rahim, M. B. H. A. and Gani, S. S. A.