VOLUME 28 ISSUE 3, 2021

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International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 3, 2021

  1. In vivo effects of Channa striatus on humans and animals: a systematic review
    • Hadi, N. H. A., Ooi, F. K., Kadir, A. A. and Ahmad, N. S.
Original articles
    • Ramírez-Rivera, E. J., Herrera-Corredor, J. A., Toledo-López, V. M., Sauri-Duch, E., Rodriguez-Miranda, J., Juárez-Barrientos, J. M., Díaz-Rivera, P. and Herman-Lara, E.
    • Pylypenko, L., Sevastyanova, O., Makovska, T. and Oliinyk, L.
    • Abdullah Sani, M. S., Bakar, J., Abdul Rahman, R. and Abas, F.
    • ZarulAkmam, M., Umi Hartina, M. R., Nor Qhairul Izzreen, M. N., Nabila, H. Z., Wafin, W., Mat Yusoff, M., Ismail-Fitry, M. R. and Rozzamri, A.
  1. Bioactive compounds, volatile, and texture profile of muffins after partial substitution of butter and milk
    • Mureșan, C. C., Marc (Vlaic), R. A., Mureșan, V., Mureșan, A., Marţiş, G., Socaci, S., Fărcaş, A., Filip, M. R. and Muste, S.
    • Yan, S., Wan, Y., Wang, F., Xue, X. and Wu, L.
    • Upadhyay, S. K., Torio, M. A. O., Lacsamana, M. S., Diaz, M. G. Q., Angelia, M. R. N., Sucgang, A. T. and Uy, L. Y. C.
    • Sato, S., Kunimoto, M. and Arai, K.
    • Reducing microbial contamination risk and improving physical properties of plant-based mayonnaise produced using chickpea aquafaba
    • Badrul, S. and Jaafar, A. H.
    • Yang, Y., Yu, A. N., Sun, B. G., Liu, Y. P. and Tian, H. Y.
    • Başaran, B. and Çakir, S.
    • Das, K. C., Alice, E. J., Hossain, M. A., Mehbub, M. F. and Islam, M. T.
  2. Effects of spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) infusion in drinking water during rabbit fattening on the microbial and physicochemical qualities of the end meat product
    • García-Vázquez, L. M., Ayala-Martínez, M., Soto-Simental, S., Ocampo-López J. and Zepeda-Bastida, A.
  3. Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation on the quality of Samurai 2, a mutant sorghum flour
    • Kurniadi, M., Afuw, H. A., Sari, A. M., Wiyono, T., Nurhayati, R. and Frediansyah, A.
  4. Analysis of volatile aroma compounds from five types of Fenghuang Dancong tea using headspace-solid phase microextraction combined with GC-MS and GC-olfactometry
    • Li, Z. W. and Wang, J. H.
  5. Lactobacillus fermentum strains with significant probiotic and antioxidant potential
    • Ijaz, A., Iqbal, A. and Saeed, S.