VOLUME 29 ISSUE 1, 2022

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International Food Research Journal Volume 29 Issue 1, 2022


Original articles

  1. Hypoglycaemic and hypolipidemic effects of unripe apple extract in a murine diabetic model
    • Lee, H. Y., Kim, M. J., Park, Y. M., Shin, D. Y., Lee, Y. H., Yang, Y. J., Lee, H. S., Seok, M. K., Kim, S. J., Lee, J. H., Kim, S. S., Kim, M. G., Yun, C. Y., Kim, M. S., Yang, H. J. and Lee, Y. R.

  2. Correlation of the GC-MS-based metabolite profile of Momordica charantia fruit and its antioxidant activity
    • Perumal, V., Khatib, A., Ahmed, Q. U., Uzir, B. F., Abas, F., Murugesu, S., Saiman, M. Z., Primaharinastiti, R. and El-Seedi, H.

  3. Aflatoxin M1 reduction by microorganisms isolated from kefir grains
    • Adriansyah, P. N. A., Rahayu, W. P., Kusumaningrum, H. D. and Kawamura, O.

  4. Long term exposure to sucralose alters the sense of sweet tastants in an intestinal enteroendocrine cell model
    • Cai, S. F., Wu, Y. R., Xin, Y. M., Gu, X. Q., Wang, Y. J., Jin, R., Zha, L. L., Yu, Z. H., Ye, L., Ding, W. P., Zhao, Y. and Cai, L.

  5. Quality attributes of nance (Byrsonima crassifolia) fruits as affected by storage temperature and maturity at harvest
    • Rivera-Correa, K. A., Valle-Guadarrama, S., Alia-Tejacal, I., Arevalo-Galarza, M. L. C., Pérez-López, A. and Guerra-Ramírez, D.

  6. Evaluation of the food, nutrition value, and α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of the ripe and unripe fruit of Rubus steudneri Schweinf
    • Raghavendra, H. L., Prashith Kekuda, T. R., Upashe, S. P., Dsilva, F., Ravikumar Patil, H. S. and Shivanandappa, K. C.