VOLUME 29 ISSUE 3, 2022

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International Food Research Journal Volume 29 Issue 3, 2022


  1. Natural products’ potential to maintain/ameliorate oral health: A review
    • Qamar, Z., Zeeshan, T., Al Dossary, O. B., Alanazi, T. A., Aldhuwayhi, J. N., Alqarni, A. H. and Alshalan, A. M.

Original articles

  1. Toxicity and teratogenicity evaluation of ethanolic extract from Momordica charantia fruit using zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo model
    • Perumal, V., Khatib, A., Ahmed, Q. U., Uzir, B. F., Murugesu, S., Primaharinastiti, R., El-Seedi, H. and Selamat, J.

  2. Mineral and nutritional assessments of soybean, buckwheat, spelt, and maize grains grown conventionally and organically
    • Golijan, J. M., Lekić, S. S., Dojčinović, B. P., Dramićanin, A. M., Milinčić, D. D., Pešić, M. B., Barać, M. B. and Kostić, A. Ž.

  3. Resistant starch in native Tacca (Tacca leontopetaloides) starch and its various modified starches
    • Nurhayati, R., Suryadi, A. N., Ariani, D., Herawati, E. R. N., Miftakhussolikhah and Marsono, Y.

  4. Exogenous polyamines alleviate chilling injury of Citrus limon fruit
    • Kowaleguet, M. G., Chen, F. Y., Shi, W. L., Wu, Z. B., Wang, L. Y., Ban, Z. J., Liu, L. L., Wang, L. J. and Wu, Y. F.