VOLUME 29 ISSUE 4, 2022

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International Food Research Journal Volume 29 Issue 4, 2022

  1. Applications of protein crosslinking in food products
    • Sulaiman, N. S., Sintang, M. D., Zaini, H. M., Munsu, E., Matanjun, P. and Pindi, W.

Original articles

  1. Seedlessness detection in ‘White Malaga’ table grapes using near-infrared spectroscopy
    • Kanchanomai, C., Nakano, K., Kittiwachana, S., Krongchai, C., Ohashi, S., Maniwara, P., Theanjumpol, P. and Naphrom, D.

  2. Subcritical reactive extraction of shogaol and gingerol: Effect of time and temperature
    • Yulianto, M. E., Purwantisari, S., Hartati, I., Nisa, Q. A. K. and Nyamiati, R. D.

  3. Investigation on food poisoning outbreak associated with consumption of Laksa Kebok in Baling, Kedah
    • Abdul Rahman, S., Ayob, A., Amin, F., Mohd Sa’ad, N., Wan Yusoff, W. N., Ismail, N., Zailani, M. H., Zainal Abidin, Z. E., Abdul Aziz, M. A., Mohd Suan, M. A., Hasim, M. Y., Mat Hussin, H. and Rusli, N.