VOLUME 31 ISSUE 2, 2024

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International Food Research Journal Volume 31 Issue 2, 2024


Original articles
  1. Effectiveness of food safety for halal industry in Indonesia
    • Susilowati, I., Musliha, C., Furoida, A. N., Kusumawardhani, H. A. and Wardhani, A. A.

  2. Techno-functional properties of quality protein maize (QPM) (Zea mays L.) protein concentrates
    • Garrido-Balam, M., Chel-Guerrero, L., Rodríguez-Canto, W., Moguel-Ordóñez, Y., Uribe-Calderón, J. A. and Betancur-Ancona, D.

  3. 1Yellowness of egg yolks influences consumer preference for eggs in Ghana
    • Asare, B. K., Achaglinkame, M. A., Sam, F. E., Atuna, R. A. and Amagloh, F. K.